Mid Summer madness

As always , for our mid summer dance, we had received few replies, so we had no idea who, if any, would arrive.

Lynn and John were definites as, we thought, would be Ralph. However at about three Ralph phone to say he was too busy. Although disappointed it would give us more time, without his pre dance class. Then half an hour later  he called again to say he had re scheduled some work and would now be coming. In between these calls Glyn had also called, so we now had an extra man.

Thank God for Mary, more men than you could shake a stick at and only three women. Well they always complain that they are left sitting because there are too many women and not enough men. Nobody was saying tonight “basta la plancha” more like “necesita descansar”

Well my doctor has told me to eat less cheese and sugar, so Mary brought a cheese and mushroom pie and James brought chocolate biscuits. I try to resist, but I am weak, and that Stilton could not possibly go back in the fridge for a third time.

Every one seemed to enjoy D’Arienzo followed by DiSarli. There is good reason why they are my favourites along, it seems, with other people. Still though most people have to work so by half ten almost everyone had gone.

Mary, simply refused to go home and while I consumed more alcohol she dragged me out of my depressed state. She has a way of cheering me up that is a rare gift. So when everyone had gone we sat talking and then listening to some old music via you tube.  You cannot be miserable listening to The Stargazers or Danny Kaye.

Finally at silly o’clock I took Mary over to her house and went to bed. Viv likes to spend some time with her kindle and the light disturbs me. Not tonight though, I fell straight asleep.


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4 responses to “Mid Summer madness

  1. tangobob

    Wishful thinking? No, thats just my big head talking.

  2. Mary

    I am going to have to keep a closer eye on your post pratica blogs! When I read the last one my first thought was ‘Heavens! I couldn’t have forgotten that, could I?’ I am grateful to Janis for clarifying the situation. M

  3. tangobob

    OK let me rephrase “Finally at silly o’clock I took Mary over to her house and went to bed”
    Finally at silly o’clock I took Mary over to her house and returned home to bed.
    Really! Janis, a man could get a reputation.

  4. jantango

    When the men outnumber the women, that might be the perfect time for them to see what it’s like to change roles.
    I hope you returned home before you went to bed.
    Monday was a holiday in Buenos Aires — Flag day. I took Alito to El Arranque. There weren’t many dancers when we arrived at 3:30, but by the time we left at 7:00, every table was occupied. Both rows of tables along side the dance floor were taken by couples. I’ve never seen such a crowd there. It confirmed that the 60-90 year olds are still eager to dance. Roberto Segarra reminded me that he’ll turn 91 in September. He was dancing constantly.

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