Cinema Gresford

Well our first  practica back was a great success I am glad to say. We had worried that after so much time away they would forget who we were and not return.

As usual we had some stalwarts, some regulars, and some totally irregulars. Funny how this eclectic mix always seems to give us a good working number. Shame though that this time we were a bit short of men, but nobody was complaining.  The women seemed happy to talk whist we men worked our socks off.

I ran this one more as a milonga with tandas and cortinas, to give everyone a Buenos Aires feel, then at nine thirty we had an interval, where we drank some tea purchased from Palermo and watched the video of the Folk dancers we had seen in Glorias Argentinas (Barrio Mataderos). Janis has since informed me they are called Ballet Pampa y Cielo.

Just look at the rapt faces as they watch.

Well we managed to clear two bottles of Champagne and innumerable nibbles. And for once the majority stayed for La Cumparsita, the second one of the night coming courtesy of Juan D’Arienzo.

Well we have two more practicas before my work starts getting in the way again, with any luck we can throw the patio doors open before then and tango on the patio.


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  1. jantango

    Two bottles of champagne? Sounds more like a “cabaret” than a practica. When the word gets around town about the drinks, you’ll be reaching capacity sooner than expected.

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