Five countries in twenty five hours

Another bright autumn morning. The sun was streaming through the blinds and the ever-present traffic was blaring away outside. Despite the optimism of the weather I always hate the last day. Of course there is the thought of returning to work and routine, but also the journey ahead.

I was going to be worse than usual this time. I had been late booking, because of work constraints, and we now had to take three flights instead of two.

Fortunately we were ahead of ourselves by lunch time. We had some brioches and left over eggs and sat waiting. Our taxi arrived at a quarter to one, the intercom buzzed, “Hola el remis, por el aeroporto”  I answered “estas temprano, debe que aca uno y media”.

“No problemo he said” and I watched him walk over and polish his car.

We gathered our things together and were soon outside, where he was till polishing. I did not note the model of the car but we were whisked to the airport in hand stitched leather luxury. Easily the best part of our journey was to be the taxis at each end.

We were, now of course, early at the airport so we decided to relax and have a coffee. Viv chose a table at the far end of the restaurant, where we were promptly ignored. So we moved in towards the centre. The girl brought our coffees and the code for the Wifi. So I sat there updating my blog and email.

What can I say about flying? It is just boring and cramped. Still we met an interesting guy, a musician by the name of JUAN RAVIOLI – Músico. He would be staying in France for a month and maybe in Britain later so we should look out for him.

We also met a team of Serbian Dwarfs (that is what he told me they were but I don’t believe him). The average height was about seven-foot. They looked extremely uncomfortable in economy and it was difficult for anyone to pass them as there were legs everywhere. If these were dwarfs I would hate to see the giants.

Argentina, turned into France. Three hours in Paris de Gaul Airport gave me a chance for some shuteye. Then France turned into Holland via a very bumpy fight.Holland turned to Englandand and we were early.

Our bags had been put with first class baggage, as they were going through three flights, this meant it would leave the planes quicker. This also meant that our bags were on the conveyor as we walked down the steps. So within fifteen minutes of landing we were standing outside the arrivals hall.

I rang our taxi, no answer. I rang his home, no answer. I rang again, this went on for half an hour and I was getting worried. In the end I told Viv to stay with the bags and I would search the car park. I found his car and told Viv to wait by the car while I then searched for our driver. It appeared he had gone to the toilet, not expecting us to be out so soon and he was now waiting in arrivals. Oh well, this always happens when I think we have gained an advantage, it always seems to go against us.

So an hour later we arrived in Wales. So that was twenty-five hours, five countries;Argentina,France,Holland,England, then Wales.

Mary our neighbour had emailed to say “come over for food”. So we dropped the bags and turned on the heating, crossed the road and relaxed for a couple of hours. Always good company and an excellent cook, she entertained us supremely. In the end though we were too tired to stay long, so we went home showered, went to bed and fell instantly to sleep. I was up at five the next morning for work and soon Buenos Aires would be just a distant dream again.


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