Good business

There is much that is wrong here, the broken pavements, the dog dirt, the lunatic traffic, to name but a few. But you know, still this place makes me happy.

We had an early meeting with Philippe. Early for this place is eleven AM. We needed to discuss our continuing arrangements as well as when we would be here again. This though for us is more than just business, Philippe is a friend. We both understand each others position and we arranged everything to out mutual satisfaction.

As I said we are friends so we then set off for lunch. This is how it goes here; eat, dance, sleep, eat some more, then more dancing. We had to be careful with lunch as we are out again tonight. Beer, pizza, more beer, back for coffee and cake. I need a sleep.

Before I could do that though, I had some more old clothes to get rid of, so it was down to the ferria americana again. This time I got $50, it is getting better. So all my business done I walked home with a smile on my face.

I could have that sleep at last. Not that I managed much in the afternoon, with all the traffic outside. I think we have got used to the noise here, until I try a midday nap. Still I managed a bit of sleep.

Jantango is feeding us tonight so we are off on  the faithful 168 again from Corrientes.

Janis greeted us warmly as usual and treated us to a wonderful beefe de ojo. We spent hours just talking and then we exchanged some computer files (pictures and videos mainly) but the time just flew by and it was one in the morning before we left.

Well for a night without tango it was just too much fun, I must try not to do this too often or we will forget why we come here. We were still smiling when we got back on our faithful 168.




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3 responses to “Good business

  1. jantango

    After all the food and hours of talking, I forgot to have you two pose for photos demonstrating the latest tango embraces we’ve seen in the milongas.

  2. tangobob

    That beef will last forever if you eat it with vegies. (they don’t eat meat). The time went so quickly I never realised what time it was until we went for the bus.

  3. jantango

    That was the tastiest beef I’ve ever eaten anywhere, and I’m glad you and Viv shared it with me. I thought we’d finish the entire roast, but I have enough left over for two more meals with the vegies.

    The best part for me was our conversation for hours and watching the two of you laughing with tears. What an absolutely wonderful evening it was with you!!!!!!!

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