Di Sarli, The missing years

Our trip to Ideal yesterday made me realise that there is a gap in my Di Sarli collection, so as I am in Buenos Aires there could be no better time to fill it.

We took the subte down to Callao where we surfaced right outside Zivals. The collection of music in here is colossal, and I suspect that if you cannot get it here you will get it no where. We trawled through all the Di Sarli albums, but try as we might, could find nothing for the years 31-40 and 48-51. Still I had a hand full of CDs and a way of using some of the dollars I had bought with our money from tango.

There was still Musimundo across the road. This proved fruitless, there was far less choice here and the arrangement was somewhat chaotic. So we left deciding to try El Ateneo. This also was fruitless, the shelves here were even more chaotic. Di sarli was spread about all over the place amongst D’Arienzo, Canaro even Queen. This was pointless.

As we walked back along Callao there was another small music shop and Viv said we should at least try. Well in here there was at least some order, but the collection of old tango was minute. We did however find that Juan Carlos Caceres track we have been looking for, for so long Tango Negro.

At the back of the shop was the most wonderful restaurant you have ever seen. With a patio out the back with trees and umbrellas, wonderful modern artwork on the walls. So we had to stop for a coffee.

When we set off again it felt damp, the sky was overcast and gloomy. I had intended to take the D line and go into Palermo to buy some tea for our practica, but we were not dressed for rain. We took our normal B line back to Medrano and rushed home.

Come time to head out again to Fulgor and it has not yet rained. God it seems does favour the brave, ah well there is always tomorrow.

We wonder whether the DJ has changed here, something is different about the music. I am not sure exactly what but something is different. It just goes to show that there is more to this than simply putting on a few tunes. It is knowing the audience as well as the music. We never see the DJ here as he is hidden away in a box, so we will never really know.

A lot of the old crowd were not here tonight and there was a big party of strangers, still we had a good time and all the locals came and wished us well as always.

On the walk home the rain finally came, not heavy but it would have been enough to get us wet, good job I thought to bring the umbrella.


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  1. jantango

    There are “missing years” because Di Sarli didn’t continue recording. He had a sextet and then left it to play with another group. Read the story at http://www.todotango.com/english/creadores/cdisarli.asp The orchestra recording of the early 40s are the best for dancing.

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