Zorba the Geek

Early one today at Nueve Chique and it’s raining again.

As we rushed own to the subte Viv said “Callao”  and I said “yes”. That is what happens when you are rushing and when you go onto autopilot. As we came out of the ground I realised we should have got off at Uruguay, that meant an extra four blocks in the rain. I thought we could dodge under buildings and avoid the puddles, but it was all a bit futile. By the time we arrived we were soaked.

We hung our waterproofs in the guardaropa and sat down inside. My shoes were damp, I had decided to wear my street shoes as we were going on to eat and I have a habit of leaving my shoes somewhere along the way. This was a big mistake as my trainers are waterproof and I would not now be sitting with damp socks.

Feeling a bit sorry, I did not try to catch any eyes until at least I had a drink. I don’t know whether this early reticence made a difference, but later I did start finding it hard to attract dancers. I was not at my best anyway so perhaps it is better that I only got to dance with a few good dancers, mainly I got the principiantes that no one else wanted to dance with. That’s ok though as Viv always says “anyone can look good with a good dancer, it takes real style to look good with a beginner”.

As I thought we had enough by eight when it was time for us to leave. Out again into the rain. At least when we got down into the subte at Saenz Pena it was warm and dry. But hang on, there was a problem. This was the wrong direction and there was no way to cross over. We had to return to the street, in the rain to get to the other side. As always the traffic was against us and we had a long wait before we could cross. Then we saw the sign but it said “Salida unicamente” so we had even more running about before we finally got to the warm dry blown air dryer that is the underground here.

Two changes of tube, the first two trains were fine but the last one was packed. It looked to me like there was some hold up as there was a train waiting on the other side. So we were filled to bursting all the way, eleven stops (Viv counted). Then out again into the rain.

We walked the five blocks down and never was a sign more welcome “Mykanos” our Greek restaurant. We were dead on Nine, I am not sure how we do it in this city of chaos, but somehow we are rarely late. (except of course when we are spectacularly late as we were in https://tangogales.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/some-you-win-some-you-loose/ ).

The girl at the entrance asked if we had a reserva. I said we had in the name of Pericles, blank look, “James?””Igor?” no luck here, She asked if it was for six “no se”. Fortunately then Igor did arrive, he phoned Pericles and we were soon seated.

There was one missing from our party however and Pericles was in and out of the building to see if he had come. Viv said “It will make no difference, you may as well relax” and you know once he relaxed the prodigal arrived, another victim of the chaos of a tiny city with four million people in it all trying to get home from work. You simply cannot overestimate the time it will take you to travel this time of night.

The staff were really friendly and individually all came over to chat. It seems the girl who does the dancing lives on our block on Humahuaca. Viv was jealous she wanted to live there, just for the name.

The Geek here is Igor, not in a bad sense, he is something of a computer wizard. One of the worlds nice guys. I spent the night micky taking and he just laughed along with us. I always enjoy his company and it is a shame we do not see more of him.

Anyway the food was great, the dancing was also great and they even got us up to join them. This is where we had problems, I had, you see, Untied my shoes to let them dry a bit and came close to bringing everyone down as I fell over my laces. I tied them up and rejoined. They made a terrific effort to get everyone to enjoy themselves we even had our own plates to smash.

The only down side was the price, like everything here it has got very expensive and I am extremely grateful that both Pericles and Igor paid over their share. Also Pericles insisted we share his taxi home, I wanted to take the collectivo but he would have non of it. Again though I was surprised by the final charge, at one time we could have come home from Villa Urquiza for this price. Still as we did not pay the whole fare at least it gave me a view of how expensive taxis have become.

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