It dosn’t get much better than this

We started our day feeling a little down after last night, still as the song goes “even the bad times are good when I’m alone with you” so we set off on an idle walk through the streets.

There is a place near us that makes furniture, we had seen a desk in town, second-hand, needing some work $1600, they had to be joking. So we walked up to our furniture maker and there was a similar desk, brand new, finished in what ever colour we wanted $360. When we decide to buy I know where I will be going.

We walked down to the Abasto centre and Viv managed to get a purse made from recycled car tyre and a mouse mat, she was happy. Cheap would be the wrong word, but she is definitely low maintenance.

So we set off in the bright sunshine and bought an iced cream and sat eating it in Plaza Almagro. I love this place, just a patch of green in the centre of Almagro. All the locals accumulate here they come to play, relax, and soak up the sunshine. Unfortunately this meant any place in the sun was taken, still we had enough just sitting together eating our ices.

The day had started well and just got better, tonight we head off for Fulgor. At first it seemed a little flat, whether the music was not as loud or the graphic equalizer was not adjusted right I don’t know but it soon picked up. We had a good seat down the side, I think it was because all the seats at the back were taken, it was somebodys birthday. The group did not seem to consist of many dancers but they stayed out-of-the-way while the rest of us got on with it.

At some point Roberto stopped the proceedings and announced the birthday. It seems this guy was an old stalwart of the club and was now celebrating his ninety third birthday. Then they asked him to dance a demo. Yes, you read it right, ninety-three doing a demo, and it was awesome. If I can ever dance half that well I will be happy, but to still be doing it at ninety-three, well that is beyond my dreams. I deeply regret not bringing my camera here, but knowing how Roberto looks on cameras I thought it best not to.

I danced with my favourite old ladies, as a commetor said, they are not technically perfect, but oh! how they enjoy the dance. Susanna was here (from Sin Rumbo) and she also graced me with a dance. When asked she said “to the ends of the earth” Don’t you just love them?

Well while I was dancing a man who had been at El Aranque realised it was probably ok to ask Viv to dance. Later Chiche also asked her to dance, and again when I danced with Susanna.

All our usual friends hugged and kissed us welcoming us in and saying goodbye at the end, and one by one others are joining them. Even when we tried to leave, someone insisted on dancing with Viv, so I did the last dance with Nora wearing my trainers. This place will never be puro tango, but honestly, It doesn’t get much better than this.


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5 responses to “It dosn’t get much better than this

  1. tangobob

    Estoy de acuerdo Mark

  2. Here’s hoping we’re all still with it and dancing at 93 🙂

  3. jantango

    I’m so glad that Viv is sampling other fish in the sea.

    I didn’t know there was someone older than Roberto Segarra who celebrated his 90th last September at Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo. Dancing does keep us feeling young!

  4. tangobob

    Ha ha, I did not get this and have just seen it on Facebook.
    Anyone out there who truly belives is welcomed to surrender all his earthly goods to me, afterall it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. I am going down anyway so I will gladly help out those who may still have a chance.

  5. I love that line “to the ends of the world.” On May 21sth (the Day of Raputre), I think we should all be saying this to each other. But don’t sell your house — just in case Jesus doesn’t take you, you might need a place to stay! 🙂 I wish that you had captured that moment with the 93-year old man. Wow! Something to aspire to!

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