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Tango, as we dance it, is close, very close. Some people do not get this close when they have sex. So some decorum is required, some respect.

I first saw him mid floor touching Viv between dances. For those who do not know let me explain; when we dance we are very close, but between the dances we step back. We are still each others space, we can talk, but we do not touch. It is normal for the man to put his hands behind his back, this way although close we are not threatening. This guy was far too familiar. After nearly forty years together, I can understand wanting to touch Viv, but the dance floor is not the place.

The cabeceo is a way for the women to protect themselves against men like this, you simply do not return his gaze and so avoid the invite. I was not watching Viv all the time. My time was taken up with dancing and the three girls from Alaska who seemed taken with me (someone they could speak to I think).

Eventually I got a very strong nod from Viv and we danced a tanda together. She was ready to go home. It seems our touchy feely guy was pestering her and coming to the table to ask her to dance. Maybe the other ladies here refused to dance with him, I would not be surprised. She said when he danced he kept looking in her eyes. I had two options dance the next three tandas with Viv and mark my territory, so to speak or go and poke him one. Viv wanted non of this and said “let’s go”.

At least we arrived fairly early at Corrientes (one o’clock). Gratto was still open so we stopped and had some empanadas and chops (a chop is a small beer).


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