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We lay in bed until almost mid day, so I popped out for some provisions and by the time we had some food it was time to head out.

We took the ever reliable 168 down Alsina and got off at the bottom then walked the few blocks to Nuevo Chique again. This time though it was different for us, we sat opposite sides of the room so that we could dance with different people again and practice our cabeceos.

Almost before I had my shoes on I was met with a very hard stare. Normally I like some time to settle into the room and the music, but hey, there is nothing like massaging the male ego to make a man do some thing new. So I was up and dancing within minutes of entering the room. If I thought that this was going to be easy then I was in for a shock. There were about three ladies who kept returning my looks but no matter what I found it hard to attract others.

At first I though they were ignoring me, but I came to realise that the really good dancers were up almost immediately and many of those that were left were inexperienced at the cabeceo. I stared long and hard at one lady and in the end finally got her attention, then she said “estoy aprendiendo” well she was not as bad as she seemed to think she was but appeared to be overjoyed to have got a dance and left shortly afterwards. (I think I made her day but Viv thinks I probably put her off for life).

For some reason there was a shortage of women here and Viv did much better than me for dances, but just the same after three hours we had had enough and retired for a coffee and croissants, then our trusty 168 home.

On the bus my new monedero card refused to work again. What is it with me and these cards? I am sure others do not get these problems, still at least I now know where to get it fixed.

We stopped off at the local supremercardo for a bottle of excellent quilmes stout and an early night. Lightweights that’s us.

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