All tourista’d out

We took another trip down to San telmo, for our house sign. We know the guy who does fileteado (Alfredo F Martinez) is there on a Sunday, so despite the crowds, on a Sunday we must go.

We are getting good at this and the subte trip offered no problems even the disorientation when surfacing was short-lived and we were soon at Plaza Dorrego.We wandered around a while until we found him and soon we were discussing our needs. I never quite understand why they apologise for their English here, after all I am the visitor and it is up to me to make myself understood. Still we got across what we wanted and agreed to pick it up next Sunday.

Off for another coffee, these tourist crowds are too much for us. Our favourite cafe was crowded with people eating so we went across the road and supped our coffee while a guy on the television gave commentary on the people crowding into La Bomboneria to watch River Plate play Boca Juniors. Now this I don’t get River Plate? why not Rio de la Plata? and Boca Juniors? why not Juventas? there must be some history behind this Anglicising of football, anyone out there know?

Soon we were on the subte home again, wondering what to do next. You see we are all tourista’d out. I think we have seen all there is to see and get bored with the tourist traps. Now also we are so familiar with the city and its transport that it takes us no time at all to do the essentials. (Big mistake here, I can see us getting lost on the busses again as the city takes its revenge).

Nothing to do but visit our local confiteria and get something nice to eat, before the night out.

Another Fulgor night as it is Sunday, brilliant as always. My reputation is growing and Nora has a new friend who is also demanding a dance. Normal milonga rules do not apply here, as I have already danced with Nora it is considered OK for me to dance with other women as well. It seems she lived some time in Australia and wanted to practice her English, unfortunately there is little time between dances to chat so I will have to learn more of her story as time goes by.

More and more people are coming to welcome us now and mostly they are calling us by name, I am going to have to take a note-book with me to remember all of theirs. Even Roberto’s son Ruben now comes and welcomes us by name, we have a real feeling of belonging here.

Still the night must end and we have our weary walk home tired but very happy.



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4 responses to “All tourista’d out

  1. tangobob

    Yes we have been to Feria de Mataderos see
    . I am not sure if we will manage it this time though, too many things to do.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve spent a Sunday at the Feria de Mataderos, but to me it’s the most wonderful thing to do (besides dance tango) in BsAs. It’s not “touristy” like San Telmo, yet Argentine tourists from all the Provinces go there. Fabulous souvenirs, foods from all over the country, live music and dancing, and of course, gauchos and their horses.

  3. tangobob

    We knew what we wanted for the sign and I doubt we could have bought one ready made. We already have one that says La Milonga by the same guy so we have a bit of continuity.

  4. jantango

    I’ll take a stab at your question. Soccer is an international sport; English is the international language. They adopted an English version to make things simple.

    I was going to suggest a shop on Santa Fe for ready-made fileteado signs, but you’ve managed to find Alfredo to have yours custom-made. I hope it turns out the way you want it. I would have referred you to Luis Zorz, but that would mean a trip to Parque Patricios to meet him at his studio. The guia trimestral in B.A. Tango has a list of fileteadors with phone numbers.

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