We spent the day at El Aranque today courtesy of Jantango, to celebrate the birthday of  Mario Allan Candamil or Alito as he is better known.

As Janis says he is a legend in his own lifetime. We have seen before how when he is at other milongas people flood around him just to be seen with him. Today was no exception, but as this is not a place where people go just to be seen, most of those who came were old friends.  I say most because although we have seen him around this was the first time we had been introduced and here we were on the great mans table celebrating his birthday. I bet all the locals wondered who these extranjeros were.

I have to thank Janis again for again putting us in a privileged position and for the delicious cake.

I met and danced with some wonderful old ladies and had an afternoon filled with joy and fun.

I also met Alejandro Gee proprietor of Tango Angelitos, I have no link yet to his site but when I do I will post it. This is the facebook page!/casatangoangelitos

Afternoons at El Aranque are usually filled with somewhat older clientel and today was no exception. I find it very humbling to see octogenarian bopping in between tandas and up for every dance, makes me feel like I am missing out somewhat on life.

This place is filled with characters, the old couple rock and rolling in between tandas, The guy on the corner table who sings along to every track, the couple who think they are stage dancers doing all the moves with no musicality and of course there was all the gear no idea, fancy shoes and suit looks the part just cannot dance. I am sure they will all have something just as complimentary to say about me.

Anyway we finished off with a chacarera just to give the locals a laugh and a final milonga before we called it a day and went home for some food and a beer.

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One response to “Alito

  1. jantango

    It was nice to see you looking spiffy in your gray pinstriped suit for the occasion.

    Next Saturday we celebrate with Carlos Anzuate in Club Glorias Argentinas–another good opportunity to look dapper in your suit.

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