Nuevo Chique

The trouble with an early milonga is that it leaves you little time in the day to go exploring. Still we were up early and managed a few hours tramping the streets.

The maze of streets here is almost infinite and you never know when a new gem will appear out of nowhere. Unfortunately not the case today although we did find a shop selling fileteado and had a very nice cafe con leche. (without which no day would be complete)

Still the main purpose of our trip is to tango and that we must do. I did consider the collectivo down but the subte is so much more convenient and this time of day going into town we actually get a seat.

As always we are welcomed, although the organisers here do not know us yet, we are given a good seat where we can view the whole of the floor. There is a lady watching me constantly and my social skills being so poor I cannot work out if we know each other. There is nothing for it but to ask here to dance with a gentle nod across the room (Janis would have been proud of me). We danced the first dance and in the break between tunes I asked if we knew each other, it turns out that there was no way, she was from Finland. Still she had a daughter studying in Cardiff so our lives were not that separated. Funny thing though Wales talks to Finland via the medium of Spanish.

The floor here is a strange mix of excellent and holes. My navigational skills are so honed that Viv got her heel stuck in the same hole every time around the room. In the end I had to break my own rules and take the inside lane. The place was never so crowded that it became a problem though.There were though one or two over enthusiastic dancers here and I was quite shocked that one guy knocked over all the drinks on the next table to us and never stopped either to apologise or to stop the people sitting down on the wet seats. It was near the end of the last tune of the tanda so he would not have to miss much dancing. (before the comments come in; He knew that he had knocked the drinks over, because he did at least pick the bottle up) The couple there were grateful to us however for saving them from getting some wet clothing

We were getting hungry s.o we had another cafe con leche and some very nice tarta manzana. I can heartily recommend the tarta here, hmm very nice.

We had the compulsory demo, a young couple who did a very nice Tango, Vals and Milonga. Unfortunately I am not yet fully au fait with the video and missed the tango, very kindly they did another. (I am sure it was just for me). So we got the three on film.

The journey home was the 168 from the same place as Saturday and just like Saturday we saw it disappear again around Congresso. I think these guys are like our postmen, they know when you will be there and time it just right. Fortunately at this hour the busses are more frequent and we did not have too long to wait.

We finished the night off with some Quilmes stout (very nice) and a film, The time travellers Wife, (utter rubbish). Well you win some you lose some.



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3 responses to “Nuevo Chique

  1. tangobob

    Marcela, I am glad you took the time to read my blog. We did come back twice more on Tuesdays (Thursdays are reserved for Club Fulgor) and we have enjoyed it greatly.
    We will be back next April, hopefully for more tarta manzana and great hospitality.

  2. marcela pazos

    thank you for talking about nuevo chique !!! I m Marcela one of the organizers whith Rubén And we arw allways very proud to have foreing people whiyh us so we always let the best sits we have unoccuped for you !! come again and you ll see the floor is better because we are always trying to put it better!
    thnks again! and the apple cake is my best home made creation !!!

  3. Ruben and I love Nuevo Chique and are always there on Thursdays. There are no obligatory performances, but the pista is more crowded.
    If you ever want to dine after dancing, I strongly recommend the Spanish restaurant one floor up in Casa Galicia–one Thursday night even ex-president Menem was there for dinner! Be sure to try the parrillada de mariscos!! Wow, if you love seafood like I do.
    Hope to see you soon, either in Chique or Los Cons!

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