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Where everbody knows your name

Apologies to Cherie Where Everybody Knows Your Name but you will get the point.

We met up with Pericles for lunch and he took us to a Peruvian restaurant not too far from us. In fact it is right in front of the Abasto centre where we often go for a wander. The food was amazing and well presented. Unusually for here it was also quite spicy, amazing what they can do with a potato.

We caught up on old times as well as his story of the misprinted advertisement in the newspaper. His phone never stopped, you would think people would realise that he was not going to sell at twenty percent of the market value. As always he was in a hurry to be off, work to do clients to see, but we were grateful for the time together.

It’s Sunday and that means Fulgor: The prodigals arrived early, but as always Roberto came over to greet us and Marianna kissed us warmly. We had a good seat, they are usually allocated on a first come basis, so we got a good view as all the people arrived.

As always they would come over and welcome us, but now many knew our names (after our demo see Aniversario) This is very much a local club for local people and we have been accepted here so are no longer considered tourtistas. Now every one knows our names, although unfortunately the reverse is not true.

We danced almost every tanda here, the tropical, and the merengue. It is just a damned good night.

On our first ever visit here we got the critical acclaim of a milonguero called Chiche,  turns out it is his birthday. We do not see him dancing often but tonight he did a demo. The humour and joy he put into the dance was incredible, the applause was genuine and spontaneous, I look forward to many more like this.

Time for the sorteo and I won a glass of wikky (whiskey to you). So by the time it was time for us to depart I was quite happy and slept like a baby (snored like a pig according to Viv)

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