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Old people eh!

OK my first post from the city of Tango:

The flight as usual was faultless, a bit of turbulence around that dreaded intercontinental convergence zone, but other than that we even managed a couple of hours kip.

The passengers though were not faultless. Starting with us. In Paris we decided to have a coffee in one of the cafe’s on the concourse. I counted my pennies and decided we had enough euros for two coffees. Viv was surprised, she thought we had much more in euros, but I was not, I don’t buy many euros as we are not that long in europe at any time.

Anyway I counted out all the coins and gave them to the girl, who looked, at first, baffled. I did not understand why, untill she handed me my money back saying something in French about centivos. Then I was confused for a while, untill I realised that what I had was my purse full of monedas for the collectivos. Another search through my bag and I found the euros, Viv was of course right, we did have much more in euros. This is the problem of having to travel with four currencies, sometimes it is hard to keep track of it all. (Old people eh!, whats to become of us).

As always on planes, there are people who just cannot sit still, and in front of me was the biggest German you have ever seen. I really thought that the back of his chair would collapse onto me, as he pushed and turned and stood up sat down again then pushed some more. Still it is a tribute to Boeing that it held up and I did not have a German in my lap.

So here we are, Viv is busy cleaning, my stuff is unpacked and it is a lovely Day. Sebastian (our portero) was at the door to greet us when we arrived. We have been to the verdaria, pastaria, the supermercado and charged my cellphone. All ready for a night out now, it will be Viejo Coreo tonight with Jorge del Solar, after a sleep and some food.

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