Last Tango in Gresford (for a while)

Shame about the bank holiday, it rather reduced our numbers. I thought we would throw a free one this week, as it’s our last for a while and it was our anniversary the next day.

We already had three bottles of Champagne, and then an extra bottle of Cava arrived as well thanks to Lynn.

Mary brought a beautiful gateaux and to top it all I had arranged a varied milonga play list, with proper tandas and cortinas.

Nearly forgot we had strawberries and cream as well.

Well those of us there certainly enjoyed ourselves and those who did not have to work, were somewhat reluctant to go home.

Shame we only finished one bottle of champagne, I will have to think of something else to celebrate when we return.

In the midst of all this, after the cake break we had an impromptu chacarera class. Numbers were not quite even but Viv was quite happy just to demonstrate. We now can say we have hosted the N.Wales Chacarera champions, after all, who can challenge us?

There was, as always, lots of flouncing and stamping, clapping and hilarity. I think this could become a regular feature.

Dancing continued after the chacarera and we even threw in some special requests (it is nice to see that they are taking that much interest in the music).

As all good things have to end we sent everyone off into the cold night and packed ourselves off to bed.

The following morning I had packing to do and my finances to sort out. A month away means that things will not look after themselves, and I have two night shifts to work before we finally fly off to Buenos Aires.

My next post should come to you from Argentina; there will be no more dancing now for me in this country. As I write this I have less than forty-eight hours before we fly.

See you all again in Buenos Aires.



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3 responses to “Last Tango in Gresford (for a while)

  1. tangobob

    As I answer this we fly in five hours, can’t wait? you and me both.

  2. tangocherie

    Hasta pronto!

  3. jantango

    I noticed that Viv was online a moment ago and tried to connect via Skype with her to no avail. You’ll be landing on Argentine soil in less than 48 hours, and I can wait . . . no, I can hardly wait to see you after six months. I’ve been cleaning house in honor of the arrival of Los Galeses.

    I know it’s strawberry season up north, but not in BsAs where they are 30 pesos a kilo. I planned ahead by freezing some during the season to make pies during fall and winter. We’ll enjoy one when you come for dinner.

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