Nice Work

There we were minding our own business stocking up the caravan, when it struck me; some people have such nice jobs.

Outside the Tesco’s store in Madley we were accosted by Nigel Dolman of BBC Radio Shropshire. Now, I don’t suppose all his work is like this, but what a pleasant way to spend your working hours, just chatting to strangers in the warm afternoon sunshine.

We talked about the price of things, inflation, caravanning, and I, of course, had to mention Tango. And although the Tango never got onto the final interview, you never know it may reappear some time.

So The Finches are now famous in Shropshire. Well about four minutes worth anyway, in a totally forgettable interlude on the Clare Ashford and Eric Smith show.

You can hear the interview here at about 2:22

Nigel Dolman was excellent, fraid the Finches were a bit dull. Fancy not realising Gas had gone up.

We will, of course be signing autographs at the Monday practicas at no extra cost.


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