Saving Face

How does tango affect your daily life?

For me it has been an incredible boost to my posture and saved me from the stoop that has plagued my family, and it has also made me more popular than I had ever dreamed.

It has also saved my face just recently. Let me explain;

I was walking along the street towards our bank, and this route takes me around the back of the Catholic Cathedral. The other night I had been there in one of their out-buildings (a church hall I think you would call it) as they had a Dance there. Viv was away and I had a chance to grab a few grannies (literally, I think alone I halved the average age).

Behind the building was what looked like a road out and this would have been a good way for me to escape. So as I walked past I was looking to see if this road existed and if I could, in fact, use this route next time.

This, of course, meant that I was not paying attention to where I was walking. Wrexham, like most towns these days, is littered with street furniture, and the inevitable happened.

I walked straight into a road sign. Fortunately, tango has taught me to lead with my chest.

Instead of a smashed up face and concussion, I now have a bruise on my chest. It was a small price to pay for my inattentiveness and a lot less than I deserved.

So I have something else to thank tango for, as well as a reminder that, at my age, I really should be looking where I am going.

And what of the exit road? Well, it did not exist.


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  1. El Chupacabra

    Tango fixes your posture. Here’s another nice story:

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