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The Ugly One

I have learned something from the Porteños; If you need something, you don’t need to look too hard, because it will, in the end, find you.

When I bought my SEAT, I was not looking for a new car. I had just been to Spain and hired a car there, a lovely little SEAT Ibiza. It took care of me all over Southern Spain and kept us in comfort through all their bumpy roads.

So after years of driving old bangers, and my fiftieth birthday approaching, when I saw another lovely SEAT in a garage near me, well what better way of celebrating my half century.

Now though she is getting old and tired and we have just bought a caravan. I would not consider changing her but she will not pull the weight. To be more exact; I have tried pulling the van and the old SEAT seems to cope, but the Caravan Club says it is too heavy and illegal, so I have set out to find another Car.

I looked in all the papers, kept a check on Ebay, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. I was looking for a diesel (economy) and an estate (to fit Viv’s shoes in) and finally it needed a tow bar. My finances are low as we have just bought the van and we need money for our next trip to Buenos Aires, so it was not going to be an expensive car. With this in mind I did not want to add ten per cent onto the price with a tow bar.

Now on my days off I set out to find a car, I had set my mind on a Mondeo  and a friend had seen one in a garage on Deeside. On the way I stopped at a place near us in Llay. In there was a saloon and it looked like the boot was large enough, perhaps I should modify my wish list.

Down at Deeside the estate was a heap, dirty, untidy and scruffy inside. I dismissed it out of hand. I looked in a few more places but came home disappointed.

The following day I decided to try the Mondeo saloon again. I had a few questions and so looked the phone number up on the internet. At this point I saw a few other hopefuls.

My first call was to a place which I knew well, but it had been demolished and houses were being built. I decided to go and look at a Renault Laguna that I had been watching. It was lush inside, but had a flat tyre and I still had doubts about the electrics on older French cars. Nobody was there anyway so if I decided I could always come back.

The second call was another place very close to where I had seen the saloon. I had some trouble finding it, but once there I parked the SEAT and walked through the gate. As I walked in I heard a sweet sounding diesel being driven out of the building it stopped right in front of me, a silver Mondeo estate. The guy got out and said “are you looking for anything in particular” I said “if that has a tow bar, then I am looking for that”

Anyway after a test drive and some haggling I left a deposit and will pick it up on Tuesday. Once again the car found me, despite all my efforts.

Oh! and why “The Ugly One”? The registration (matriculation) starts with FA05, if you speak Spanish you will understand.


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