Daily Archives: March 6, 2011


It seems my choice of music last week was not the most popular. Still it proves a point: they are getting to know the artists. About halfway through the night, they all said “Bob you know what we want” “What is that I asked” “Francisco Canaro” they all chorused.

I am nothing if not flexible, and as a reward for their knowledge, the last hour was solid Canaro.

A group such as ours is a fragile thing, so I must do all I can to keep them here, as long as it is traditional tango music and only salon style dancing, I am happy.

To illustrate what I mean about fragility; five of our regulars did not turn up this week. From a group of ten this could be disaster, but as usual we were saved by a whole new influx, and we had a record crowd of a dozen.

The living room door is now off, it does not really give more room to dance, but it does stop half our dancers being wiped out every time someone wants to enter the floor.

I am thinking Rudolfo Biagi for this week, that should liven them up. I just have to think of a good contrast that will not leave them bored. All suggestions welcomed (anyone says Gotan and they will go onto my ignore list).


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