Tango Breakfast

I must be careful how I phrase this, but I really did not relish going to this tango ball. The style of teaching is totally different to what I am used to and I suspected that the music would be avant guard to say the least.

It was a long way to travel and would involve a late night, still we were in a period of tango starvation and we knew that the room was large so there should be room to dance around all the Nuevo dancers, and as I was going with low expectations I could not be disappointed. It was time to break the tango fast.

We arrived slightly early and watched some of the class, even though the cost included the class we preferred to give it a miss. Lots of open hold and arm leads would never be my thing so we had a drink and waited.

I never expected to really enjoy what was coming and I suppose that helped, but truly I actually enjoyed myself. The music was a great mix of classic tango and modern interpretations. It has been said that I am anti anything new in the tango world, well the music that was played proved that wrong. There was a tanda of pure electronica in the middle, but I am not complaining that would be really churlish, after all, the rest of the music was excellent, and all the nuevos here were in the majority,.

Early on there was a tanda of Pugliese but I quickly realised that this was not Pugliese playing, unfortunately I never found who the orquesta where. Maybe Colour Tango? I asked the organisers but it was too late in the night so I never found out.

I enjoyed myself and danced with many women most if not all enjoyed dancing close, but I did have to ease my embrace slightly for one or two, still it is all experience. I have however one criticism; the same one as always, what is wrong with the men? The men probably outnumbered the women by about fifty percent, yet they were often sitting down when women were waiting to dance.

Viv did not get a dance unless she went up to the men and asked them herself. Of course she soon got bored with this and that truncated my evening somewhat.

Many years ago it was with this same group that we received criticism for always sticking together, but fair is fair, if nobody will dance with Viv (and she has after all brought a man with her) then why should she sit alone waiting?

We followed this a couple of days later, with our first practica of the year and again I was not expecting much; I had one reply to all my emails and was expecting one other, both men. As eight o’clock passed the two men arrived, then nothing.

At about quarter passed a regular couple arrived helping me out just a little. Then we were rescued by the arrival of two women and for once we were even numbered.

My artist of the night was D’Arienzo as I think his catalogue is great enough that he can stand alone. Unfortunately I kept getting requests for Otros Aires, though, it was my own fault, as I had told everyone that we were going to see them this Sunday.

Coming, soon my report from the Assembly Rooms Prestiegne and how we finally got to see Otros Aires.


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