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Christmas Practilonga

Things were getting quiet on the practica front, numbers had dropped and she who must be obeyed said that we should make this our last this year so I thought let’s make it a good un.

As the eight o’clock start time passed things did not look so good, no one had yet turned up. Still as La Cumparsita rang out from the stereo the door bell also rang. Our first lady arrived, soon there followed another two and another man. We were at least quorate, then a couple arrived who I had given up hope on (a hand delivered card earlier in the day we took as a signal that they would not come tonight).

Our friendly neighbour Mary arrived, which meant Viv could not claim credit for her curry pies. Still this meant we had the best group yet.

I had a pre arranged play list with proper tandas and cortinas, so for the benefit of my beginners the etiquette had to be explained.

Just for a change we had a session of Kizomba in the middle followed by a Chacarera class. This time it all worked out, mainly because I had been practicing all day. After the walk we stepped through the routine and then I explained the zapatera to the men leaving Viv to explain the women’s moves. I thought it was all going rather well then I noticed that not only did I have the attention of the men; I also had the attention of most of the women. Viv was busy explaining to one woman what to do, the rest were following me.

I could not have all the women but one doing the mans steps, so we had to go through it all again. Once this was rectified we could put on the music. The odd number of women was not a problem as they could dance on the mens side and Viv volunteered to dance on her own, so it all worked out well.

Lots of tea was drunk and many biscuits consumed, but for some reason the Christmas cake was ignored.

The highlight of the evening was though when Mary’s curry pies came out of the oven everyone loved them, and there were even enough left over for my tea Wednesday.

We had some lovely Argentine Malbec supplied by Harry, but unfortunately most could not drink it as they were driving, well finishing it was a hard job, but someone had to do it.

We proved again that you can tango in a small space although with only three men that was the maximum amount of couples we could muster at any point.

I was again surprised when people started drifting off “was it that time already?” in Buenos Aires we would only just be going out.


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