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Let it Snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful, 
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

An apology to Sammy Cahn, but it just about sums it up, “since we have no place to go” just about says it all. We may be in the grip of the worst weather for eighteen years, but in this modern age does everything have to stop?

All our local dances are cancelled, yet I still find my way to work each day, and as we are protected by the Cheshire bowl conditions here are not exactly arctic. I drove down to Connah’s Quay yesterday and the pavements as well as the roads were quite clear.

Nowhere have I lost traction in my car, I have not had to dig myself out and we are not yet in need of food parcels. Apologies to those in areas that have had it bad, but we cannot use what happens in other parts of the country as an excuse to vegetate.

Funnily enough the most successful dances have not been cancelled; Sunday at the Navy club goes ahead as do The Clan Cuban events. This leads me to ask the question, Why are they successful? Could it be in part because they do not cancel at the least little thing? Could it be because we the punters know that they will be there no matter what?

 There are unique reasons for the success of these events that is true, but the simple fact that someone like me, a shift worker, on irregular hours, can rely on them to be there means that they have a steady, if irregular supply of punters.

I have seen venues around here lose customers at a biblical rate, simply because nobody knows for sure that they will be open on a particular night.

New faces are discouraged because they disrupt the flow. Youth is discouraged because, well because they are young.

Of the maybe dozen dance venues in our area when I started, only two now hold regular dances. Saturday night dances now no longer happen, and when they do it is by exception.

The numbers of regular dancers are falling; this is because they are getting old or dying. Those who remain must accept, no, invite new dancers or they will not have dances to attend.

I am actively encouraging Tango now in our area, as I see it as the dance of the future, the ballroom and sequence scene is dying and will continue to do so unless we all put some effort into keeping it going. That means, not using the least excuse to cancel a dance or just to stay at home, but it also means we need to encourage younger dancers and enjoy what they bring to the party instead of just moaning at them.

The present situation cannot continue for much longer, if nothing is done then we will have no place to go, even when it does not snow.

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