On Strictly & Anne Widdecombe

I know I have some readers not from the UK, so bear with me here; Strictly come Dancing is a TV programme here in the UK where they take non-dancing “Stars” and pair them with a dance professional and then compete for the ultimate title of winner of Strictly Come Dancing. At least that is my take on it.

Now as I am out dancing most nights and even when I am in I watch little TV, I have so far managed to avoid every episode of this circus.

This weekend however I had to work Saturday and Sunday night, so Viv was home alone with just the television for company. She, like I, had been badgered to watch “you should see xx’s tango”  is often the cry, so this Saturday she saw Patsy Kensit and Robin Windsor’s Tango, note I missed out the word Argentine. See for yourselves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsSubO8qlCw 

Every cliché is there; The Chair, The hat, the stiletto’s even the six o’clock shadow, but what is not there is a single thing that is real AT. There is no lead, no connection, no feel for the music and more importantly what about the music; “I’m sorry”, but OMG you should be, at the risk of repeating myself, ask any Argentine what tango means to them and to a man they will either talk about the great musicians, or they will say it is all about the touristas. You don’t get much more touristy rubbish than this. Is it beyond the ability of the great BBC to play some actual Argentine Music?

OK so now I was close to kicking the computer across the room (I watched t the next day on youtube) then Viv told me to watch Anne Widdecombe and Anton DuBeke doing a Rumba,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Goc36SOdKIA Now I am hooked and I am posting my colours to the mast “Anne Widdecombe to win Strictly”

So why? you may ask, well here goes. First of all, forget the “fact” that all these stars are novices, that is utter rubbish, although some are, most have been to some sort of fame academy in their youth. Although trained as something else, anyone who knows anything about these places will tell you that they always cover a wide range of stage skills, acting, singing and dancing. So the novice dancer argument is out of the window, except of course for one aging Parliamentarian.

So we have  professional dancers, leading some one who has at least some basic skills except of course for poor old Anton DuBeke. Now I have been around the local dance scene for over fifteen years and have come across many Annes but few, if any Patsy’s. I would not dream of putting myself in Anton’s league, but can still understand his predicament. Anyone can look good with a good dancer on their arm but to lead someone like Anne takes real skill, so let me hear it for the most skillful man on there.

Now Anne has taken so much flack, from the judges, the audience and the public. How does she respond? with great good humour. She never takes herself too seriously and although you can see she really is trying, she smiles through it all.

Can I say here and now “Anne Widdecombe, I never liked you politics, but you are never the less a STAR, and if you win I for one will be cheering”

Strictly was never about the dancing, if it were then Come Dancing would still be on the TV. No it is a popularity contest. You choose who you would most like to win, wether or not they can actually dance. Ask yourselves, who gets the standing ovations from the audience and who alone has revived a program that was dyeing on its feet.

Now lets hear it “Anne Widdecombe to win Strictly”


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11 responses to “On Strictly & Anne Widdecombe

  1. I’ll use this song as a curtain the next time I DJ following a class from one of the London step-peddlers 🙂

  2. tangobob

    Well! Sorry? BBC you should be.

  3. > someone dance”Argentine Tango”? to Jem

    At least the lyrics are appropriate:

    Who made up all the rules?
    We follow them like fools,
    Believe them to be true,
    Don’t care to think them through

    … 🙂

  4. tangobob

    Luckily I never saw any of this, watching someone dance”Argentine Tango”? to Jem made me smash the TV into pieces.

  5. > Is it beyond the ability of the great BBC to play some actual Argentine Music?


    Nothing much chages in five years (
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tango-uk/message/2327) , does it?

    At least the BBC since had the good taste to remove that video. And the London class teacher who coached them to remove herself. 🙂

  6. tangobob

    Ah! Poor Anne, she tried, but in her own words never expected to get that far. I still think she was a star, after all look what she did to their ratings.
    The ocho and cross were fine (not Cross-over). Though you should not have had an aching buttock, we will have to look at your posture, all the steps should be natural, with no straining.
    Thanks for the cake.

  7. mary sinclair

    I think you are in danger of under-estimating the extent to which a sense of ‘fair play’ characterizes the British public. They may well enjoy the joke of Ann Widdecombe getting to week 10 but there was no way they would allow her to win: especially over such talents as Mark!!
    Enjoyed the practica last night, though an aching right buttock seems to indicate a little excess practise of the cross-over and ochos (might not be spelt correctly!)(might not even be the right word!)

  8. tangobob

    We are sort of violently agreeing here Ant. Isn’t that all the more reason Anne should win?

  9. Anthony White

    I’m sorry Bob. I can’t agree.
    Anne bloody Widdecombe is a representative of all whats wrong with television at the moment.

    What happened to the period drama? … The quality sitcom?…. A good film?….

    Even I can tell how bad the dancing is and how good the “celebrities” are at self promotion.

    I have never watched a single episode of this farce and I never will !!

  10. Arlene

    HaHa! Bob, I have to say that every time someone does the “Argentine Tango” on this program, Amor has to practically hold me down! I have since learned to let it go!

    You are right in saying that the actors have had some dance training at some point in their lives. So they have had a head start. AW clearly hasn’t. Anton deserves a lot of credit. I think this is the longest he has lasted on this program and is one of the original professionals. He does his best poor soul. Although AW couldn’t have a better dance partner, it isn’t easy for a short woman to be dancing with a tall man. Combine that with her maturity and size, to say Anton was working at a disadvantage is a huge understatement. So he has decided to go for comedy, and it works. I laugh my head off every time I see them on stage.

    I never take this program seriously, which is why I enjoy watching it so much. I would love to see AW win, it would make a change!

  11. No, no, no! I’m with Craig; get her off! On Saturday after he held up a “1” I was waiting for him to say “and only because I don’t have a zero”.

    I got so exasperated by the Jon Sargent fiasco last series that I’ve only watched two episodes in this one.

    Sadly though, you’re right; it is a popularity contest rather than a dance competition and Anton and Ann are playing it well. I may have to surf over to an online bookies and put a bet on before the odds shorten even further…

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