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More photos

Despite an early night we did not get up again until midday, I think all the exercise is catching up on us. As well as the hours of dancing, we walk for miles. The only way to really get to know this city is to see it at ground level, pace the streets and know their names, tourists who travel everywhere by taxi, may well enjoy everything at a faster pace, but will never know the streets. The down side of course is that we can only keep this pace up for so long, I am getting to the point where I need rest and a night not disturbed by whistling collectivos and bikes with no exhausts.

We stayed in today as Jantango wanted some more photos for her series “How do you hug your partner”. I rushed out to buy some provisions from the local panaderia and deli, only to forget all about them when she was here. Still there should be enough to sustain us now until we leave. Only a couple more days to go, where did the time go? Before we know what has happened I will be back at work and hosting more Gresford Practicas.

Janis got all the photos she wanted and she now agrees that we have the perfect looks for radio. I think stardom now awaits both us and our new curtains.

As it was Sunday we returned again to Club Fulgor, all the old crowd welcomed us and wished us “buen viaje” when they left. We arrived much earlier than we usually do so that by ten we were starving and as it was our last night here treated ourselves to pizza. My ability to communicate is getting better, and I spent some time with Ruben explaining what was on the menu, you see “completa” could mean just about anything and it appeared at least twice. Nothing really fired Viv up so we settled for Pizza con jamon y tomate, buen cocido and for once we got just what we wanted. One item on the menu amused us; in an attempt to translate they had put “chesse and jam” the spelling of cheese probably just a typo but ham, I think was what they meant, not Jam.

We danced tango, practiced some of our new milonga stuff, learnt from Jorge Garcia ,we danced Paso doble merengue and cumbia until we were ready to drop. We stayed almost to the last tanda as we could not bear to leave and as we left we said our last goodbye to Roberto Ruben and of course Mariana, who now has now learnt our names and a bit of english, she said “I will miss you” as we left.


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