I am not sure why, but we are required to stay in today for the census. I have seen the form and we do not get past question two, still Viv can clean the bathroom and I can catch up on my email. Hopefully they will get us done early and we can go off to play.

Two thirty and still no census, I have walked a hole in the floor practicing my milonga and Viv has run out of things to clean.  All the food we had has been eaten !!HELP!!!

Janis said she was done early, I said that I have yet to be censured, to which she replied I should be for taking advantage of a lone woman while my wife was watching (but that is a whole other story that if I get bored I may go into).

Janis turned up later and kept us entertained while we waited, then finally at half five I got a call on the intercom “Roberto es el censo” ( I wondered how they knew my name, but later found out that the Portero, Sabastian, was calling us all down) so we went downstairs (Janis and I) me to answer the questions and Janis to film me. I asked Jantango not to help me too much, I think I did pretty well, the biggest problem I had was remembering Vivs birthday. The census lady was very nice and kept it all simple for me, but she did not understand how I could live here and not be looking for work, somehow we missed question two, the one that asked if I lived here permanently. Anyway the whole thing is on film and maybe Jantango will release it some day (when I stop paying the blackmail that is).

While we waited for the eight o’clock deadline Viv rustled up some pasta and salad, and we ate the bread I had bought yesterday. We sat and talked as always and after eight I went out to seek something for afters. Non of the panaderias were open, I walked round and round and in the end had to settle for some biscuits from the chino opposite, but at least I got some coffee as well.

We left Janis at the bus stop when her bus arrived and then got on a 160 for Boedo. I don’t know why but Viv had got it into her head that we should go to Boedo Tango tonight. That is Sueno Porteno organised by Julia Pugliese. Now I do not know whether or not she is related to the great man, but there is no doubt that this barrio lays as much claim to Puglieses as Villa Crespo. On every other corner is a Rincon Pugliese or Bar Puglieses, I never realised that there were so many tango shows out this way.

When we arrived  we had the usual confusion with the entrada they asked how many I said “dos” and they said “twenty Pesos” (they spoke in english, that confused me for a start).  So I gave them twenty pesos but, of course they wanted forty.  At home if they ask “how many?” they always give the total, here they always give the price per person, it always confuses me, whether in spanish or english.

Julia escorted us to our seats and asked where we were from “Ah Wales! Reino Unido” I may come back here just because the organiser is the only person we have met who knows Wales exists. We had a ringside seat, not stuck at the back as we often are. By the time we had our beer they had a demo on of sevillano, I did not expect this in Buenos Aires.

Julia announced most of the tandas, which is a good thing for me, as I can never remember the artists names. Viv however could not pick up on the announcements and I had some Janis like fun asking her “who is this orchestra?”

As always there were some strange fashion choices, at one point Viv had said I should dance with a local, but looking around, there were few sitting, except one or two near naked very much older ladies. Now as Viv has said, I don’t mind dancing with women of any age, but I really would prefer not to get arms full of ancient flesh. Sometimes for ladies of a certain age, it really is best to cover up a little.

At just after two we had enough and headed for home. There was no sign of the bus stop on the corner of Columbres and San Juan, so I thought if we walked a little way down we could find it. After half a block  we  realised it was only thirteen blocks now to home, so knowing how few the busses are this time of night we elected to walk it. We were dressed for walking, we both had good shoes on and warm jackets, although it was still quite warm even this early in the morning. We did not see a bus stop until we were three blocks from home and no bus passed us (not a 160 anyway) untill we crossed Corrientes and by that time we were far too close anyway.



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4 responses to “Census

  1. Anthony White

    Great stuff Bob.

    Keep writing, keep dancing !!


  2. Arlene

    Sevillanas is a dance from Castile, Spain. It is mainly danced by a couple, but can be done as a group. The dance is sort of choreographed, like chacarera, and the couple also use intricate hand movements. It is very pretty and lovely to watch. I had one lesson when I went to Sevilla and got lost after the fifth move as I am not very good with sequences. One nice thing about it is that people stay in their own area and don’t bump into each other while doing it! 🙂

  3. I had to put on clothes while my census guy waited at the door, so I forgot that I wanted to film my second census interview. Yours is recorded and will not be uploaded to Youtube unless your payments stop.

    Julia isn’t related to Pugliese, because her surname is Joynel. She just likes Pugliese recordings. Too bad that Esquina de Osvaldo Pugliese at Boedo and Carlos Calvo has been transformed into a modern cafe and no longer hosts penas for tango singers. You should have introduced yourself as Principe de Gales, and Julia would have announced you along with all the tandas.

    What is sevillano?

  4. Hey Bob & Viv

    Nice to hear about Sueno Porteno, my favourite milonga in BsAs. There is a nice picture of you and Viv, number 149 of 161, on Julia’s site.


    Keep writing about BsAs. It helps to keep me sane, until my next visit, as I sit in my office in cold, drizzly London.


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