When a sale is not a sale

The russian spies who live opposite are having work done again, this will get Philippe paranoid that they are spying on him.

Well we cannot watch them all day hanging out of the windows doing daring dos with the blinds, there is serious tourist stuff for us to do. We returned again to Tango Por Vos to study the shoes again. First stop is the bargain box, now they told me ninety pesos but cash only, Viv saw a pair she liked but typically they did not fit. At that price they would be worth bringing home to sell, so we put them to one side while she checked out some shoes for herself.

She found a very nice pair of snake skin style, that she just loved. While she paid for those with a credit card, I tried to pay for the bargain pair, suddenly they were no longer ninety pesos the price had gone up to a level where it was no longer economical to bring them home. The heel was high so making them unsuitable for older dancers at the social clubs but the tangueras all want Comme il Faut’s. To make only one or two pounds on a shoe that could be in stock for years made no sense so they went back in the box. A pity really because I belive that if the women back home saw how good these shoes are we would get some converts.

I promised we would just relax today so we stopped another small confiteria, there are hundreds of them and mostly very good. Bought some quice and bread rolls an headed off to Parque Centenario. On the way we bought some drinks so we were all set up for a picnic in the park.

Parque Centenario is one of my favourites, it is far enough off the tourist route that you are not bothered with beggars and ladrones, but it is still very well-kept and lush this time of  year. There is a big pond in the middle with fish and ducks swimming around. It has a cascading water feature in the middle that gives it a cooler feeling and of course it has the ever-present chess tables for the locals.

We sat ate our food and watched the world go by. One young mother passed with her son who dropped his ball, we watched with amusement the tantrums as the wind took it across the pond and out of reach. We heard the tantrums continue for maybe fifteen minutes until they re appeared at the far end of the pond just in time to retrieve the ball which had now blown to the other side.

Soon enough it was time to return and get ready for another night at Fulgor. We have two more friends that we have to meet and kiss every night now, we were introduced to them by Irene and Man Yung so now we miss almost two tandas while we go around saying hello.

Susana from Sin Rumbo arrived later and we had a dance, she had seen me dance with the locals here and assumed we would be OK, she was right of course but I reserve most dances for Viv.

As we prepared to leave, Viv had gone to change her shoes and Sonar Y Nada Mas came on, I could not sit it out even though I now had my street shoes on, Susana graced me with another dance, which just finished the night off nicely.

I won on the raffle again and Mariana came over and said “wickie”, “Wickie?” I questioned “si wickie” it sounded a bit more like whisky the second time and that was what I got. I am not, by nature a whisky drinker, but I enjoyed it anyway, it seems milder than what we have at home. ( A Scotsman would probably say lily livered and weak, but hey I am a sasanach).

As always it is like a party here and we left wornout but happy.



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2 responses to “When a sale is not a sale

  1. tangobob

    My guard is never fully down, but we do feel abit more relaxed here, all the same we did have one woman who tried (unsuccessluly) to get into Vivs bag in Caballito.

  2. jantango

    Vendors pay 10% for all credit card transactions, so you can ask for a 10% discount when paying cash, which they might give you especially if you buy in quantity.

    I wouldn’t let down my guard if I were you, even at Parque Centennario. Hearing you speak English is the only incentive they need to relieve you of your valuables. Where do you think the beggars and thieves live?

    Remember that true milongueros wear street shoes for dancing.

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