A complicated day

Well it started simple enough, but as Viv keeps saying it is all or nothing here.

We started the day juse wandering the streets, we took a walk down Cordoba just checking out what was about. Viv found a clothing shop with some white pants that she has been after some time and with many reduced to fifty pesos it looked like the bargain of the century. Unfortunately it was not to be and we left empty handed.

We wandered up Scalabtini and through again to Estado de Isreal just to check out Tango por vos, (a shoe shop) now this I do not understand, is it like swimming in the sea? first you must test the water? Any way checked out (we never actually went in) and Viv said we must come back later. We set off for Jumbo and some grocery shopping.

We had been told about the crazy pricing here, but as we buy few things often and are not regulars anywhere we never really noticed until today; Now we eat a lot of porridge and were amazed to see it was fifty percent dearer in the big supermarket than the local chinese. So on our way back I stopped at the chinese minimart for some Quakers. While I was in there my phone rang, Pericles was on the same block as us and wanted to call for coffee.

Now life starts to get complex. Jantango had invited us to an art exhibition and as well Irene and Man Yung had asked us to come to Lo de Celia. I expected Janis to be there as well so time being tight, and art not really being my thing, I sent Janis a text saying we would see her at Lo de Celia.

We spent a pleasant couple of hours catching up, until as always, Perry had to run. we have grown used to this now and know his business always comes first, still it is always a pleasure to see him.

We got showered and changed, then to my horror I checked the times at Lo de Celia, I never realised it closed at only eleven. It was time to rush. We caught the 168 as usual and it delivered us, well not to the door, not even to where we should have been, because the road had been closed, for what I do not know, it just said “trabajando” (working).

We still had only five blocks to walk so it was not so bad. When we walked in, as usual the doorman had no change, I could understand if it were early, but come on, it was just two hours from closing. Once inside and when asked “mesa para dos?” I said ” sentamos con los chinos?” Irene and Man Yung were on the floor dancing and when we had established that was who we were talking about we were led around to their table. On the way we passed the table of Celia herself and as we passed she got up and greeted us. A rare honour apparently and one we have not had before ( we first came here in 2004).

We had some great dancing, good music (Dany again) and the company of Irene and Man Yung was exceptional, but we all were concerned that Jantango  never turned up. We stayed and danced La Cumparsita and almost had to be thrown out. Something strange here that I have never seen before, they clapped when La Cumparsita came on, I am not sure why we clapped but I joined in anyway.

As we descended the stairs to leave Irene and Man were talking to another group on the street. We said “goodnight and passed through them towards the bus. As we left someone said “BoB?” I turned of course and it seems that this group of Canadians were fans of mine. I never realised that my blog reached as far as Canada, we stood talking and they said that they were off for some food and would we like to join them.

 We had already eaten but agreed to stop for a drink. They all headed off down Humberto Primero, after the second block I said ” do you know where we are going” They said they did not , we were all just following like sheep. I said that in that case they would probably have more luck on Entre Rios (I could not remember the name at the time but they agreed it was a bigger street)

Soon we found a place with a big Budweiser sign, to them the sign of a good place.  As they sat eating pizza and we ate chocolate gateaux we talked about just about everything from politics to making fun of all our accents. This was the most ethnically mixed group I had been with and fortunately not sensitive to my ribbing. There is nothing I love more that people who can laugh at themselves especially when they can respond by laughing at me.

I say ethnically mixed but they were mainly originating from the UK so we had a lot in common. I have decided that everyone in Canada is nuts, suits me I like nuts.

A lovely bunch of people and I do not say that just because they paid for our coffe and cake (but it helps, I am easily bought). The best remark, for me, of the night was to meet their favourite blogger,I was blown away by that remark and that they finally get to meet the woman behind the great man. Now see what you have done, I am getting all big-headed.


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6 responses to “A complicated day

  1. tangobob

    Now you have let out my secret, I told Irene and Man that I was your favourite, now I will have to share the honours.

  2. Jessie

    Hello Bob,

    Here we are…the fans from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Just came home on the weekend. It was lovely to meet you and Viv at Lo de Celia. Both you and Irene are my favourite tango bloggers. It was an incredible evening for me to meet both bloggers in Buenos Aires at the same milonga!

  3. tangobob

    Irene and Man
    I think you too are nuts, but that is OK we are too. I think we should share the honours, you do not have the killer instinct to win and we do not want to strain Anglo Canadian relations.
    How about a Blog Off, computors at dawn, last to run out of quips gets the honours.
    Misty woods, dark cloaks and The characters from South Park for seconds.
    And, we did not get lost on the collectivo, we knew where we were all the time, third seat from the back, we just did not know where the collectivo was.

  4. Dear Bob and Viv,

    Don’t forget we are from Canada too! Of course we have been reading your blog – and we are no nuttier than you Brits. Whoops, that makes me doubly nutty because I am a Canadian-Brit.

    Hey, we thought the people from Vancouver said that WE were their favourite bloggers (at least that’s what we thought they said, perhaps in fact what they really said was that we were their LEAST favourite bloggers – was it just my Megalomania talking?)

    We’ll have to wrestle you for this. We have a feeling that we are going to win because you have spent all your energy getting lost on the colectivo. See you at Glorias.

    Irene and Man Yung

  5. tangobob

    Maybe it just the milongas I have been to but I have never come across it before and I have been to many of the milongas here although admitedly not always to the end. Still it is a nice touch.

  6. It’s customary to applaud at the end of the evening when La Cumparsita begins–the last tango of the night. The applause is like when the curtain comes down in a theatre. Thank you everyone for a wonderful evening!
    I just love that moment.

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