Dia de Madre

They take mothers day seriously here, but although seasonally it is at almost the same time as at home it is six months away. As the day progresses it becomes just one more thing where we cannot make ourselves understood.

We started our day with the promised visit o the house of Carlos Gardel. I was not expecting a lot, Argentine tribute museums tend to be small and hold little of interest, but this was Gardel so they had pulled out all the stops.

The ground floor rooms had been cleared and filled with exhibition cases. There were photographs old shellac records even phonographs. Along with all the exhibits was a running commentary (often with English translations) that gave the life history of the great man.

Some of his instruments were there as well, a Piano, bandoneon and guitar. The best was a TV showing his old films and I think that the woman who ran the place was, in the end, glad to get us out.

The house again was typical of that era; All built on one side of a patio, which would be all in shade, keeping it cool. At the back and on the other side of the patio was the kitchen, bathroom and, ironing room. Gardel’s mother took in Ironing for a living.

After Gardel It was back to the streets, and as it was mothers day all the restaurants were overflowing but I still treated Viv to a coffee and giant piece of Cake. Best cake we have had here, Big Bang Cafe on Corrientes y Aguero. The girl who did the cooking would not let us leave without tasting her muffins, very nice they were too.

As it is Sunday we return again to Fulgor. We are welcomed as usual by Roberto and Mariana and sat in what has become our seats. As always the locals all come to say hello and they all ask “tienes hijos” but non understand that mother’s day is different at home.

The excesses of the weekend are catching up on us, and as we dance the chacarera, my feet are refusing to move, my zapatero is leaden. So before it has even reached midnight, too many late nights, too much dancing and age has the better of us and we head for home.

As we pay Mariana for the drinks, she asks if mothers day is on the same day at home, at last someone who understands.


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