OK I will explain later, but for now we had a quiet day.

We were up late because of our trip to Villa Urquiza, and even though the sun was shining we did not feel up to much. The curtains needed finishing so we stayed in the flat, Viv sewing and me exploring the internet.

I wonder sometimes how businesses survive here; there is a chinese takeaway opposite and we have not seen it open since we arrived (well only once anyway) and now the mini market where we buy ice cream is also shut. Fortunately for us there are innumerable other places to get food, but it is annoying when you have developed favourites.

We have arranged to meet Jantango tonight at Glorias Argentinas. Rather that use multiple busses we will meet there. She worries about us, but we are getting confident enough now with the collectivos, and being a Blacon lad, Mataderos at night does not hold many fears for me.

As we approached the club, Carlos Anzuate was just getting out of the car and we waved to him, then once inside we had all the usual Argentine greetings, kissing and hugging.

Chiche as usual kept us ammused, and as usual we did not understand a thing she said, but her laughter was infectious. Her brother was there as well, in his eighties and recovering from a hip replacement, he was and is a live wire. He said that after sixty days layed up he was not about to waste another.

We were introduced to Irene and Man Yung  Just in from Toronto and apparently, unusually for them, on a second visit this year. It is always nice to meet fellow bloggers and we joked that we should start a blog war, but I suspect that they are too nice to slag anyone off.

Halfway through the night Man came over to our table and asked Viv to dance and I then danced with Irene, cabeceos don’t really work in a place like this as mostly people are arranged in groups. We started off a bit tentatively, as you do with a new partner, but I hope that they enjoyed the dance, as we did.

The belief that we must be rich was here again also, we were told that we must go down to Puerto Madryn to see the Whales, over and over, as if this were just another trip on the collectivo. I cannot get people to understand that we are here on a budget, we use the collectivos and walk to save on taxis, so a thousand pounds to fly south is just beyond us.

Towards the end of the night Jorge Garcia arrived and Janis was quite insistant that we meet up, so now we have arranged a lesson with him next Tuesday, I know he is a great dancer, so lets see if he is great enough to sort me out. (I don’t Envy him that one).

Irene and Man are on quite different budgets to ours and used a taxi to get here, so conveniently they offered Jantango a lift back. It is always awkward, which bus to take first, as niether of us wants to leave the other alone, so we can head off home on our own.

Now, I planned quite carefully our trip out, I had not taken such care for our return. I should have known where to get the bus from our daytime trips to Feria Mataderos but it all looks so different at night. We walked right past it and I was getting panicky when we decided to backtrack, fortunately on the other side of the road I did find the parada, but I was worried there for a bit.

Goes to show Previous Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.



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5 responses to “P.P.P.P.P.P

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  2. tangobob

    You got home before us, hey ho the joys of the collectivos.

  3. tangobob

    The pleasure was mutual. I did say a different budget, our money all goes on the apartment. Get out of the comfort zone and take the subte first, it is dead easy just stick your $2.20 through the window say “dos” get on the train and off at the right stop. The hardest part is which way to turn when you come up from underground.

  4. jantango

    After you left Glorias Argentinas, I danced a tanda with Man Yung in flat shoes on an empty floor. Our remis arrived quickly but we stood waiting inside not knowing so. I arrived at my door at 4:00am. I almost called to check up on you, but I didn’t.

    Chiche won’t admit her age, so I asked her brother Coco last night. He says she is 74, but then how could he have turned 74 in September? All I know is he was so happy last night to be dancing three months after hip surgery.

    There is long-distance bus service to Puerto Madryn, but you’ll need a couple days to arrive to see the whales.

  5. Hi Bob and Viv!

    It was great finally meeting the two of you yesterday at Glorias!

    We are not on a bigger budget, we are just too chicken to take the colectivos through the rough-tough neighbourhoods. In fact, in order to save money to pay for the now ludicrously expensive taxi rides, what we have done is to cut down on food costs. Within hours of arriving in Bs As we had already bought a few dozen packs of cup noodles – they have so many exotic flavours like “Bolognese” and “Barbacoa”, it’s like having gourmet argentinian dinners every night!

    It was a pleasure dancing with both of you and see you next Saturday at Glorias,

    Irene and Man Yung

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