Easy it aint

The BBC have finally got it right and it was raining. Not heavy rain but enough to put a dampener on things.

I still have a few jobs to do around the place so today is as good a day as any. When all the small jobs are done and Viv has the curtains in the washer we head out to Easy to try again to replace the curtain pole. On the way down the street we bump into Jose our neighbour and his dog Ochie. Jose has grown a beard since we last saw him and were it not for Ochie we probably would have missed him. Strange how we recognised the dog first and the owner afterwards.

Now Easy is the name, but I am afraid easy is not the game. All I wanted was a three metre curtain pole, of course in that length there was nothing, so I must mix and match. The problem is that we have three-quarter inch pipe, nineteen millimetre joiners, three eighths cups and half-inch finials.

So we went for a wooden pole, but we have a maximum length of two point four metres, I can buy two one point six metre poles and join them but they are not pilot drilled and no chance of finding a double ended screw. On top of this the finals are screwed on and, of course again we need pilot holes. It looks like my ingenuity is to be tested to the limit again.

So with my booty I head off to the checkout. The whole lot came to two hundred and five pesos fifty-five centivos.  I gave the girl two hundred and ten and waited for my change. She said something about cambio so I dug out fifty-five centivos. Now it is the law here that if they do not have change it must be in favour of the customer, so when she gave me four pesos I just did not get it. I tried again to give her the fifty-five and she went off in the way portenos do, never quite coming to the point. She said something about a donation, and exasperated I just said “listo?” and she said “si”.

I know it is only coppers, but I still feel somewhat done. Still flustered we walked out the store and the alarm on the exit sounded, nobody was paying any attention so I just wanted to leave, knowing we had stolen nothing, fortunately Viv realised what had happened. When you enter the shop they seal your own bag in their own special security bag, and we were leaving with Vivs bag still sealed. At least the girl on security had a good laugh about it.

Being as it is Thursday we are off to Club Fulgor again as I have often said it is the friendliest club I know. It seems they have a new pastime now “beso los Galeses” It started with Norma who I often dance with and Marianna, then there is a nice couple who we saw in the campionata and have greeted us ever since, but just lately it has avalanched so that everyone in the club now wants to practice their english, kiss us and ask how we are. Spanglish of the day “hello how are you?” “muy buen y tu?” 

By midnight there was no one left in the club, the guide says it is open until two, but they played La Cumparsita anyway and as Marianna was taking away the table cloths we knew it was time to leave.


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