No homogenization here

Being bank holiday today left us at a bit of a loose end. The centre of Palermo is usually buzzing at a time like this so we headed over to soak in the atmosphere, sup  a coffee and see if there were any bargains to be had. Not much chance of the latter but we enjoyed looking anyway. The only thing I bought was a learn spanish karaoke CD from a girl representing a charity that brings laughter to hospital wards. No, I have not become a soft touch, my normal scepticism is still there, but the daughter of a friend of mine is involved in the charity, so I was already aware of its existence.

It was another glorious day again, so much so that after a few hours we needed to get out of the sun. I was not sure about an early milonga on such a lovely day, but we do come here to dance, and you can only take so much sun in your first few days.

So we headed off to El Aranque on the subte, we arrived there just before five. The dance had already been running two hours so there was quite a crowd there.

It never ceases to amaze me, the variety here. There are some wonderful dancers, and some who are plain awful. The lane discipline is non-existent, in the UK they try to teach us that you stick to your lane, you never go backwards and you do not invade the space of the person in front. Well if that is Argentine tango, someone should tell the Argentines. English sensibilities are way off the mark here, but it is OK every one plays by the same rules and in all my time I have only seen trouble erupt once. (I don’t remember where that was but I don’t think it was in El Aranque).

The variety of styles is only excelled by the variety of holds, anyone who tries to standardise tango would have to kill all the old milongueros first.

Talking of variety, dress is optional as well. I mean that almost literally. There is an infinite assortment of clothing styles and as it is an afternoon milonga it is, I suppose, less formal but the lady who wore tights but had forgotten her skirt was, I think, taking things a bit far.

Wonderful the way Carlos, the waiter, remembered us. Dany as always provided a wonderful musical backdrop, so even though, for Buenos Aires we finished early we still had a great time.


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  1. jantango

    Isn’t it wonderful to see so much individuality among the older dancers in Buenos Aires? They dance who they are and what they feel. That is being lost among the younger generation of dancers.

    El Arranque in Nuevo Salon La Argentina is certainly one place where there is no evidence of homogenization.

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