Empanadas in the park

I suppose you could call this a wasted day, but then we are on holiday and are not short of time, so my days are mine to waste as I feel.

Anyhow the best laid plans of mice and men, you know how it goes, so instead of our plans we set off for Plaza Almagro. It has been one of my favourite spots since I first discovered it. Nothing fancy just an area of green where flat dwellers go to exercise their kids, stretch out in the sun or play games. And they have catered well for the games with a boule pit, chess and dominoe tables and large areas of grass.

We took some bread bought some drinks and empanadas from a local bakery, just sat in the sun eating drinking and reading. It is a public holiday tomorrow, I have no idea what for, not that they need much excuse here. There is a street party going on just up our street where lots of noise is generated and it seems everyone is out enjoying the sun and the fact that tomorrow they do not have to work. The park is packed, people are out, music is playing, the sun is shining, and for once the traffic is quiet.

There has been much talk of “friendly Milongas” for us this can only mean Club Fulgor. We returned here again after four months and people actually said “You said you would be back in October”. As we walk in Roberto rushes across to greet us then Adriana, hugs kisses handshakes galore and we were barely through the door. As the night went on more people came over who remember us, all wishing us well and asking how we were.

When I danced again with Norma, she as always went over to Viv to thank her for letting me dance with her. Though actually, I think she is glad of the rest.

This place is not pura tango, they play jazz, cumbia, rock and roll, but there are no pretentions here, everyone is just here to have a good time.

We have yet to get fully into the Buenos Aires night-time living and by midnight Viv was tired so we set off back home, tired? yes but happy that again Fulgor had lived up to its reputation as the party spot for us oldies.


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  1. jantango

    The holiday — Dia de la Raza — is officially October 12, but holidays get changed to a Monday to make a three-day weekend. This is the American equivalent of Columbus Day.

    Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo has to be the cheapest milonga in Buenos Aires with a ten-peso entrada. I discovered last night that Lo de Celia Tango Club (my second home) is now 20 pesos on Friday and Sunday, just like Club Gricel and many others. Still, you can dance for 6 hours on Sunday–a bargain at 20 pesos. Unfortunately, many locals living on a fixed income can no longer go out several times a week to dance.

    When we travel out to Mataderos on Saturday night, I know you will get a warm welcome from Oscar Hector. Carlos Anzuate and Chiche are looking forward to see you there. Make certain that Viv takes a late nap before we take the bus out there. It will be a late night for us at this wonderful club de barrio. I don’t know what Oscar Hector has planned for the night, but it’s always special.

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