Just like Fulgor

Our little group is growing nicely, we do not get great numbers, but there are now enough that even when many of our regulars cannot be here we are still quorate.

It has become so much of a social now that I am having to badger people to dance, rather than sit eating drinking and talking, still they all seem to enjoy it and at least they are getting immersed in the music.

Viv thought it would be a good idea to have some chacarera in the middle and of course it fell upon me to teach everyone what to do. The two or three times a year we do it is nowhere near enough to qualify me to teach, and of course, the inevitable happened, it collapsed into chaos. OH, but what joyful chaos it was, everyone stamping and flouncing, spinning and clapping, so nobody complained.

I have made a mental note to myself to get it properly in my head this time when I am in Buenos Aires. I am expected to show them properly when I return.

To keep the party atmosphere going we had a bit of cumbia as well. As we had one more man than woman I was driven off the floor, but as I stood in the doorway watching I had a smile like a Cheshire cat on my face and I thought to myself “I could be in Villa Crespo, this is just like Club Fulgor”

It was a fitting last dance before we head off to Buenos Aires again, my next post should be from the city of tango.

Having been up since five and halfway through a sixty hour working block, I should have been tired, but the atmosphere, people and music enlivened me. At times like this my normal torpor leaves me and I can take on the world, I will not feel this good in the morning when my alarm clock goes off again.

I try not to mention people by name here, but I must thank Mary for the quiche’s there was quite a plateful, too many for our small number. Proof indeed of how good they were was the fact that the plate was empty at the end of the night.

Our artists of the night were D’Sarli and D’Angelis, but of course, not for the Cumbia or The Chacarera.


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