Match Maker?

It looks like I am in trouble again: My crime this time? Matchmaking.

In truth I was doing nothing of the sort, I price my private lessons by the hour and have, from the start encouraged people to share as a way of making it more economical.

So my suggestion to pair up was only a way of helping the financial burden.

I got in trouble straight off, when I suggested a partner for a man who did not have one; he wanted to know how old she was. (As if this makes the slightest difference). And then he refused when I told him her age.

Surely how she dances is more to the point, and the lady in question dances very well for someone who has had only one lesson.

I then made matters worse by relating the story to her, this, I think, shows a lack of sensitivity on my part, for which I can only apologise. Fortunately the lady in question does not know the man nor does he know her. She continues to improve while the man still takes lessons with a ballroom teacher and is doing medals. MEDALS? In tango? The mind boggles.

I really want to bring more people into tango, but in truth, we can do without men this shallow.

I have danced with ladies from eighteen to eighty, and can honestly say I have no preference as far as age is concerned, I love them all and enjoy the dance as it happens. I have read other bloggers (ladies) who complain that men will only choose the young and attractive. Up until now I found it difficult to believe. All I can add is that these men are missing possibly the best dances of their lives.

This week’s Practica was another great success, most of my regulars cried off for one reason or another, but we had enough newcomers to make a quorum. Tanturi and D’Angelis were our artists of the night. Unfortunately most did not stay late enough for D’Angelis but they all seemed to enjoy the music.

I had requests for more milonga in the middle and that delayed the change of artists a little. As usual we ended up with a bit of you tube, we had talked about canyengue and as we are not exactly experts we let others do the demonstrating.

I am starting to get a few local responses to my adverts now, but they all appear to be singles. I am seriously considering modifying my pricing and charging by the student rather than by the hour. I want people to have the best value, but I do not want to risk being accused again of trying to match make.



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3 responses to “Match Maker?

  1. tangobob

    You take classes for six months, then they put you in for a medal test, first bronze then silver then gold and it goes on and on. I have never known anyone fail a medal, it just brings in more money. We stopped doing them when our teacher said that they had never had a failure. If nobody ever fails then I could not see the value.

  2. Coming from someone that has zero ballroom exposure: Can someone please explain the reference to “medals”?

  3. Nantango

    OH, I am trying to be nice and ladylike here. I give up. Tell him age doesn’t matter, but size certainly does so the lady declines.

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