Too many women , not enough time.

I don’t usually travel for dances while I am working, but I have had a dearth of tango recently and was desperate for some three minute hugs. So being between nights and days I could lie in tomorrow, at least I would not carry my tiredness over to the next day.

Viv drove the hour and a bit it took us to get to Croft, allowing me a little rest, but the rest was short lived, when we arrived as I had to help her with the shoes.

We drank coffee and arranged shoes while we waited for the music to start. The first dance should have been reserved for Viv but, as usual, she was not ready. So I danced with another, but I made up for it on the second tanda though.

It looked for some time as though we would have too many men and I would be struggling to find partners. In fact I danced one milonga with Eric, (a rare chance these days to follow) but by about the fourth tanda the crowd was really growing.

In the end there were so many women there, there was no way I could get around them all.

The room is quite large and there is no way it could ever be described as crowded, but there were enough people to create an atmosphere and make it difficult for any “big dancers”.

I oiled my dancing with a couple of glasses of red wine, another advantage of Viv’s driving. Not that I need Dutch courage to ask women to dance, but it helped me forget how tired I was.

I spotted a pair of Comme Il Faut’s and rushed over to dance with the owner. Of course the subject came up of where she had bought them; She had stayed in Recoletta in February, and when I said she should try Almagro instead, she responded in Castillano. Although apologising for her poor Spanish, I was impressed and really enjoyed a chance to practice before my imminent return. I know you should not be talking as you navigate the floor, but hey, how many chances do I get to talk Spanish in the UK?

All in all an excellent night, where I forgot how tired I was until the music and dancing stopped an we had to pack up all those shoes again. Unfortunately they are not to the taste of most of the tango dancers, but we did sell one pair to a local, which sort of made it worthwhile.

A big thank you to Jo for the milonga and Chris for the music, now when is the next one?


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