Cardiff The Second time

You can see the difference; we are crossing Gloucestershire in bright sunshine but as we approach the Severn Bridge there is a wall of grey, and the rain becomes persistent as we cross over into Wales. Cardiff was again going to be no different for us; it seems that there is an unwritten but unbreakable law (2 Finches + Cardiff = Rain).

Our time in Bournemouth had been interesting to say the least, the weather had been mainly good and we had some great days. We visited The Tank Museum, walked miles of coastline and even had a go at rock climbing. The expected Tango though was a failure here; it appears that mostly it is on an ad hoc basis and only when rooms are available. So that at the venues that we had found on the internet, when we arrived there was, in fact, no tango that night.

Our daughter was working again from Monday morning, so there was nothing more to hold us here. That is why we broke camp and set off back to Cardiff, hoping for some tango and maybe better weather than before.

We were welcomed again to Barocco Bar by the friendly crowd from Tango Edge and this time I made sure to have a dance with Xenia. Again we stayed right to the end the numbers this week being more even, Viv got here share of dancing as well as me.

The same people appear around all the time, like us most dancers will travel far and wide to find good tango. So although it was unexpected, I was not completely surprised to meet Hayden again here.

So there you are, something keeps bringing us back, definitely not the weather. We spent our days dodging out of the rain in Cardiff’s facsimile roman walls, dodging from house to house in the wonderful St Fagans and our nights with Tango Edge.

Nice to be back in my own bed though, and looking forward to Monday’s practica, although, as usual, I have no idea if anyone will come.


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