Steak and Tango

Try as I might, I cannot re create Argentina here in the UK. We decided that as we were to once again visit the friendly crowd of Tango Edge Cardiff, I would start the evening with steak.

I did not expect the wonderful meat that is associated with the pampas, but the miserable specimen that I did get left me disappointed. I like my steak on the rare side, but I am careful when I do not know the chef to always ask for medium. I made the mistake of asking for rare in Spain once, and what I got was still eating grass. Here I had the opposite problem, you could do charcoal drawings with this one. It is all a matter of perception I suppose, although I do understand that somewhere there is a written standard for what constitutes rare, medium, and well done, but this, I think, is hidden in a cave under the Mendips. Actually it was not that bad, I am an incorrigible carnivore and will eat meat in almost any condition, although I was still quite envious of Viv’s chicken, which looked much more succulent. Even Viv said hers was over cooked though.

   We finished early and had time to just sit and relax, drink a beer, and catch up on some news, via the TV screens. Then we took a slow walk up once again to The Barocco Bar. The old crowd were all there, and surprised me by not only remembering us, but also our names and calling me the Blog Man. I am afraid yet again I struggled with their names, but nobody seemed to mind.

The tangled web of the tango world always surprises me, and the connections we have through mutual friends are quite astounding.

It seems there is a shortage of men, who will dance, in this part of the world, so I had to ration my dances out in order to give Viv enough dances. They welcomed us in and Viv seemed quite happy chatting while I danced away. I have to thank the many ladies here for giving me such wonderful and varied dances; again I was surprised at how different they all were. I suspect that not all here were students of Xenia and some had come from far off lands. Some had Buenos Aires connections and some were locals, but this wonderful variety made my night most enjoyable.

We stayed right to the end, risking the dark walk back down the river, but before we left, we collected some phone numbers and details of other venues that we may get to on our tour. Watch this space; with luck we may visit some of them before we return home. As we left I realized that I had not danced with Xenia this time, but she, it seems, had left earlier. Still there is always next year.



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2 responses to “Steak and Tango

  1. dinner and dancing. great way to spend a night.

  2. marcus

    There are dances around Cardiff next weekend, for the Melina and Detlef visit. Maybe you will be around for those.

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