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Those who know me will attest that I am not a fan of facebook, but it does have its uses. When you can filter past all the dross about farm worlds and kingdoms, and how Suzie is changing a nappy and Sam is drinking a beer, there are some good ways to keep in touch.

So I ignored my normal reticence and set up a group for our Gresford Practicas, not that many who come actually joined. What I can never understand though, is why people who have no intention of coming still join the group. Yet sometimes it can re-ignite old friendships.

So it was that Anthony (who used to teach tango in Gobowen and Chester) got in touch with me via the group.

We had a long exchange of messages and eventually I was able to accept his invitation over to see him and his boat.

We set off on a glorious day and I was happy to be able to take my little sports car down a fast and bendy A525 with the roof off. The final road to Overwater Marina is still new and dusty and at quite low speeds I was able to provoke my little car into going sideways leaving a cloud of dust behind us. As you can imagine, by the time we arrived I had a grin from ear to ear.

We walked up to the reception area, with the intention of using the toilets and then having a coffee before seeking out Anthony. Things never go as planned though, as we walked through reception Alex was working at the desk. We greeted each other warmly and she said she would phone Anthony to say we were here.

After the now obligatory greeting we were given the grand tour of the Marina and also the lovely boat Equinox. My personal taste is for off shore vessels, but the standard of interior trim was exceptional, and I could imagine this being a very comfortable home.

Back at reception we sat for nearly two hours talking over coffee, catching up on old times and new. The subject came up, of course, of his leaving Chester and Gobowen tango. This is not a subject for discussion here, but in light of recent events, you can guess which side I would declare on, but I will, for now, keep my council. For now there is little hope of an Audlum tango scene emerging. Although I understand Anthony and Alex’s search for a venue did make all the local papers, it is too small a town to sustain a tango scene yet and Equinox does not have enough floor space for a practica.

The corporate stuff they do still goes down well, but as is the way of these things, too infrequently to sustain them permanently. Anthony is working in IT and Alex still doing keep fit stuff, on top of this the work at the Marina pays the rent and keeps the wolf from the door. They both look contented with their lot, living on a boat looks like a stress free existence, but as I told them “The first twenty years of Marriage are the worst” so after two and a half years they should be fighting like cat and dog, instead they looked very happy. There must be something in the water.

Before we left we managed to extract a promise to visit out little practica and to stay in touch, then it was time for another fun drive home, with the roof on the car this time.

After living in a tango desert, I will always be grateful to Anthony for bringing tango to this area, it is a shame it all ended in animosity, because I still believe that, like myself, all he ever wanted was a flourishing scene here.

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