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Return to Wilmslow

I know I can appear forthright at times, and often end up apologising for my words; this has happened a lot lately, twice in one night in fact.

The first time was for something I said here. While I stand by what I said at the time, I readily accept that I took the coward’s way out by saying it here and not face to face at the time. I had to do some grovelling to overcome the situation, but thankfully tango people in general are quite big about these things and hopefully I am forgiven.

The second time was something I said on the night, it did not come out as I had intended and I never noticed “the look”. Again I had to go back and apologise, grovel some more and beg forgiveness.

Those who know me realise I am not qualified to be in the diplomatic corps and hopefully realise that mostly I mean well if occasionally it comes out all wrong.

We had a happy return to Wilmslow this week. I have missed Atilla and her style of teaching and the friendly crowd here. It is hard to describe how welcome I was made to feel as woman after woman lined up to dance with me. Despite the time that has passed the prodigal was more than welcomed by both the teacher and the alumni.

The old guy still has it though; I can still get squeals of delight off the newcomers when I lead them to do something new. It is just a shame that it took me over half a century to find out how to please women and then only on the dance floor. If someone like me can do this, imagine what someone with talent could do, perhaps I should run a seminar “If an old, bow-legged, talentless man can please women, then so could you”

Viv had brought some shoes that had already been purchased and she just wanted to pass them on, but this did not stop queues forming to look at them. Viv hardly had chance to dance, it is quite unbelievable the effect shoes have on women. In fact as we were leaving somebody said something about shoes and suddenly there was another crowd all eager to view.

There was a good selection of cake and chocolate and it took all my will power (and Viv’s nagging) to stop me completely destroying my diet. They do a “cake dance here” a bit like a birthday dance but for the bringer’s of cake, not fully understanding what was happening, because firstly there were two cake bringer’s and because somebody said “snowball” I caused chaos and for a while there were four couples on the floor. Fortunately they sorted themselves out when the lunatic had left the floor.

So Viv was happy and so was I, I even managed to keep the cost of fuel to an acceptable level by driving more slowly. Hopefully this will be the first of many returns, if I can stop myself upsetting too many people, that is.

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