Tango por dos

Now I have been excluded from the tango classes I am at a loose end on Mondays. The way my shifts work I am coming into a period where I will be on nights for the following two Mondays, but after this I intend running a small informal practica. For this week only though there was just the two of us at Casa Gresford.

Viv has long said we do not make enough use of our dance room, so I set the music in motion and we danced away for a good hour and a half. I would normally dance for longer than this, but without the social aspect it can become a little like practicing scales on the piano. Having time and space however meant we could practice some of the things we have not done for some time, and Viv could iron out her faults, I of course, have none to iron out. We did get more dancing in, in the short time we were at it, than I normally get on a Monday as it was totally uninterrupted and we never stopped.

I get in trouble with Jantango when I am in Buenos Aires for not being able to recognise the orchestras, so in an effort to redress this I decided to stick to D’Angelis, thinking that at least I would be able to recognise his music from now on.

This is my plan then, when I am out of my Monday night shifts, from 19th July I will start an informal practica , just a few friends and hopefully a few students for perhaps three hours of dancing, starting at eight. Wherever possible we will stick to one orchestra a night and, hopefully, in this way we can all learn the various orchestras and their styles.

I intend to make just a small charge to cover drinks etc and if we start running into profit that will be further reduced, hopefully if we can keep it profit free I will not run into trouble with the tax man.

Obviously I need to keep the numbers small and the man to woman ratio even, so anyone who wishes to come should just clear it with me first. The rules are simple: line of dance; no big moves; keep it simple and dance the music. Of course if anyone wishes to test something new or show someone how to do something in particular there will be room in the back. Everyone is welcome, but numbers are limited so ask early.



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5 responses to “Tango por dos

  1. tangobob

    No room in Mi Casa for the cabeceo I’m afraid, still the women can be escorted to the floor (from the kitchen) and escorted back again.
    We have a good culture of changing partners here, more so than the cities, but maybe not enough education about the music, still we cannot have everything, hey.

  2. Captain Jep

    Hi Bob
    “Excluded”? For what? I’m going to have to read back. But I’m sorry to hear it. It’s not unheard of in our parts as well 😉
    Good luck with your practica!

  3. jantango

    I’m glad to see you are making progress with your plans for a practica. There is no better place than your home where you have the space and the music ready.

    Your practica will provide novices with dance experience they don’t get in class and help them prepare for the milonga. There is freedom to stop and get feedback from partners, something not done often enough in classes, and which shouldn’t be done at a milonga. Changing partners will bridge the gap between class and milonga atmosphere.

    Playing one orchestra per night is a great idea. If you provide a playlist, everyone will learn the titles. There’s nothing wrong with repeating the same 20 tangos of Troilo, Calo, Di Sarli, or D’Arienzo in one night. It will only help in identifying the tunes.

    A practica is where all can practice dance floor etiquette of the milonga, i.e., woman enters the floor first, man escorts her off the floor, and perhaps some cabeceo practice?


  4. Anna

    Sounds like a lovely practica, shame I rarely get to dance outside Casa Story these days. I like the idea of sticking to one orchestra each evening.

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