Croft Milonga 11th June

It seems that people are listening. I was unable to go to the Milonga on 11th June, as I was working, although after the disappointment of last time I wonder whether I would have bothered. Viv however wanted to meet some people about shoes, so when James offered to take her most of the way she went without me (thanks James).

I can only recall what she has told me, there has been a transformation. The music is now all tango, mainly traditional with just one or two electronica. There was a good selection of milongas and enough Vals to keep Viv very happy. 

The main thing is that the music is actually tango and at last people are starting to realise that to dance tango you must have tango music. There is a good atmosphere here with friendly people, just what this great venue needs. It also has a good sprung dance floor so now that the music is sorted there is no reason not to dance all night.

So I look forward to 23rd July when the next Milonga takes place, and hope to be there.



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2 responses to “Croft Milonga 11th June

  1. Hi
    Excellent information!
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  2. jantango

    Then all your complaining about the music has made a difference!

    Adolfo and I were dancing salsa the other night at Lo de Celia Tango Club. I pointed out the guy behind us who is in another world. Adolfo remarked, “no matter what music is played, he always dances the same.” Tango to salsa music? He is one of a kind. And we’re in Buenos Aires.

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