A quiet day

Still things to do around here, I went to our glass man first to pick up our mirror. He just could not stop being helpful. When I had asked for holes in the glass I wanted mirror screws and had asked if he sold screws, he had said I should go to a ferreteria. Now when we picked it up he had screws and plugs for me, not understanding that I was only asking for special screws, I thanked him, then he told me what size to drill the holes and even offered to lend me his drill, even though yesterday we had not even met.

When I hung the mirror I was not happy so we decided to get some sticky pads later to make it more secure. The curtain hooks went up without problems and everything is now looking grand again before we leave.

Another trip to Easy for some hooks and sticky pads for the mirror, life is one big adventure. They take security to a new level here, Viv’s bag has to be sealed inside another while in the shop, we have got used to this, but they were not happy with my tape measure, that needed a sticker to prove it was mine as well.

We have arranged for Phillippe to come around tonight, and we have found a vegetarian chinese take away that has opened across the road, so they will be supplying the food.

The guy in the chinese was very chatty, but it was difficult, his Castilian was no better than mine, and my Cantonese is non existant. He still has no idea what State Gales or Inglatera is in, his son said something about Europe from the back and he just looked puzzled. They were very friendly and offered me free, very fancy, chop sticks.

Phillippe had brought wine, so we polished off the whole bottle (he IS French) plus a litre of beer. No body would use the chop sticks so we ate with forks fortunately there was enough food, because we took so long I think that the chinese was closed.

Of all the things I had to tell him, I have forgotten the most important, I had made a list but never refered to it. Still a good time was had and Phillippe left quite merry. We were too tired and it was too late to think about going out so we watched Lesbian Vampire Killers instead and then caught up on some sleep.


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