Early Night

Roger and Mirta are due to return today to Cordoba. So we plan to meet at an early milonga to say goodbye, in the meantime there are more mundane things to do.

Before we do a bit of grocery shopping and visit the furniture shop just up the street there are some jobs to do around here. The bedroom door would not shut properly and the blinds have decided that one of them will not fully open and the other the chord has departed from its coil. The blind mechanism is a crude affair and although simple requires complete disassembly to adjust.  It proves a real pain as once assembled and operating it must then be taken apart again several times to get it right. Eventually when they are working it is time to head out.

 We had seen a unit that looked like it would be ideal to go under our falling work top. It was time to go and measure and see if it would do the job, it turned out to be ideal and we returned with our new purchase, it will be one or two days before it is fully fitted, as we are here to tango and anything else must take second place.

Salon Canning has a matinée milonga on a Tuesday (It was Wednesday, thanks Janis, we are so busy I din’t know what day it is) and Mirta and Roger had arrived as soon as it was open. We had a table right up to the dance floor, Mirta can be quite persuasive. There is a totally different crowd here than we are used to seeing, usually we seen many of the same faces at all the milongas, but here they seemed a slightly older crowd and apart from the organisers we recognised no one. The floor was very crowded more like the milongas we used to see. We think that because the entrada is less in the afternoons and the time of year discourages touristas the locals have chosen to come at this time. It was nice to see, but the floor was very difficult, it felt more like my first times here. They have spent some money here tidying up and painting and at last the famous photomontage is back up on the back wall.

After three hours of dancing we had to let Roger and Mirta go, I must be getting soft in my old age, as there was a definite tear in my eye as they left, still I have the knowledge that they are due to visit us some time later in the year.

We had not yet eaten and one of our favourite restaurants is in this part of town. So we walked down to Guatamala then the two blocks to Julien Alverez and there on the corner is 1810. You would have thought, this being the bicentennial, it would have been bedecked in flags. There was some discrete blue and white bunting, but not what I would have  expected. Here too they have spent some money, the whole place has been painted, new tiles everywhere and the old metal sliding door, that caused everyone confusion, has been replaced with a glittering glass frontage. In some ways a shame as it has lost some of it,s quaintness, but it is now very clean and bright.

The food here, as always is to die for. We started with the best empanadas in Argentina, followed by lentejas (lentils) and finished with coffee and for me lemon merange pie while Viv had brownie with merange. Not only is this the best place to eat but possibly the cheapest, the whole lot came to less than £10 each.  The only trouble is of course, I remember the prices in 2004, but I suppose that level was unsustainable. Ah! the good ole days. Just as we finished our meal Phillippe called to say would we like supper together, his timing, as always, impeccable.

It was still early BsAs style so when we walked back we watched a film before an early night.


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  1. jantango

    The matinee at Salon Canning is on Wednesday with serious dancers. The Parakultural milongas on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday attract the tourists and nuevo dancers.

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