El casa del queso

One of the great advantages of walking everywhere is that you get to discover new and exciting places. Yesterday when walking back from El Centro we found a place called El Casa Del Queso, it looked a great place to eat and very Spanish. There were hams hanging everywhere and of course soo much cheese.

When Roger phoned me first thing and said “it is mad down here, can we meet up your end for lunch” I immediately thought of the place we had seen yesterday. As always happens we had a load of problems before and arrived five minutes late. Roger had arrived early and Mirta, unable to contain herself, had already started eating

We had another long leisurely lunch, still so much to catch up on. The food was wonderful Viv enjoyed lentejas and I had one of the menus with ravioli a plate full of cheese for starters and we enjoyed some iced cream after. They had intended to watch the parade tonight, so we told them we would be in Porteno y Bailerin if they decided to come out later.

I had intended to go to Maipu 444 but when Roger described the crowds we decided it would be safer out of town. During the dat the crowds had grown even greater, the television estimated that there were two million people on the streets, not an over estimate by any means. Roger phoned to say he would not risk it and would definitely be at Porteno.

Janis had posted a link to the TV channel showing the events, so while I got ready we watched Christine’s speech and most of the parade. I would have been surprised if we had got to see anything had we gone to 9de Julio.

Now into this walking lark, we decided to walk down tonight, suspecting that the subte would be almost unusable. Once past Abasto the crowds were already thickening, and the last few blocks it was a fight against a torrent of bodies. It was hard to see how Roger would manage, but at least he was with the direction of flow, even though he would be much more in the thick of it.

He did get there, if late, and looking the worse for his struggles. Mirta was not allowing him to rest though. A vals came on as she entered and she immediately dragged him up.

As always here we had to have a demo. I am not easily impressed as I have seen so many, but this couple were good and at least he did not try to get her to hit the ceiling. Of course it was showed up, but basically good tango.

As always it was full of teachers (not always good ones) who had brought their high paying foreign students. So there was a lot of showing off on the floor but the bicentennial celebrations had limited my choices and we had Roger and Mirta for company.

We walked home as well, enjoying some Cadbury’s chocolate on the way. It is going to be a long sleep tonight.


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