Another guilt ridden day, Phillippe asked if we could meet at 9de Julio but I was too tired and we were up late, so we headed over to Palermo.

Normally it is buzzing at the weekend, but we suspected (correctly this time) that due to the anniversary celebrations it would be quiet this week. Most of the stall-holders were there although one or two were absent, but the crowds were much thinner.

Rain had been predicted, but you never know if it will just be a bit of drizzle or the real thing. As we walked arround the sky started to look very angry so as we walked up Costa Rica we saw a bookshop cafe selling apple crumble and coffee for $17 only about £3 I was hungry and did not want to get wet so in we went. I never quite understand how this works but the girl kept asking if we wanted one or two. There are two of us so we wanted two, when the crumble came it was huge, now we could see why she was asking. As I said I was hungry so I wolfed mine down, even Viv managed most of hers, though she kept a little in a napkin for later. The promised rain battered the canvas roof  and I found myself wondering if we were about to get a soaking anyway. When we got the bill it was $40 still cheap but I could not understand why it said coffee and crumble $17 they say that the portion is too big then charge us $20, why not cut the piece in half and charge what it said on the door? I guess I will never fully understand this place, I made no complaint as we had had a good feed that would last us the rest of the day but still I wonder.

The rain eased and we decided to escape, we were wearing our waterproofs so the light rain that was now falling was not a problem. Distracted I now made an almost fatal mistake. We stood on the kerb at Scalabrini Ortiz and looking to the right saw most of the traffic had passed, only a solitary jeep was left, “when the jeep passes we can go behind it” I said we stepped out into the road and completely forgetting that Scalabrini is two-way heard a screech behind me. There to my left were two lanes of traffic intent on death, but fortunately one that had taken mercy. Were it not for his tyres squealing I would not be writing this. You never know your own strength until it is really needed, I grabbed Viv by the shoulders and literally lifted her off her feet carrying her back to the kerb.

The rest of the walk home was uneventful, as yet the streets were not flooded but we still had to take care of broken flags concealing gushing water fountains.

Tonight we are off to Fulgor and we will be joined by Roger and Mirta and Janis again. As we are getting ready I get a text off Janis saying she is there but very wet, then a text off Roger saying he is stuck in a lift. The weather outside is atrocious, there is no way we will be walking tonight.

On the corner is a bit of shelter,but not a taxi to be had. We saw a possibility, but then from the other three corners appeared others also looking for a cab. This was hopeless, we decided to walk to Medrano in the hope that on a busier street there would be more. Again the same problem, in half an hour we only saw one cab stop and that was grabbed by the people who were already there. Hopelessly we walked back to pick up the umbrella, madness to walk on a night like this but we had arranged to meet people and felt obliged.

The minute we walked out of the building again, there was a taxi outside, maybe the umbrella did the trick. When we arrived at Fulgor it was almost deserted normally Roberto has trouble finding us a seat, but tonight he wanted us to sit at the front, we pointed out that Janis was there and he offered to move us all. Janis confused by all this thought he was trying to separate us, but I pointed out he was offering us better seats. Not long later Roger arrived, no worse for being stuck in the lift, Mirta said he had fallen in the lift and that had caused it to stop. I think he is eating too many empanadas.

Another great Fulgor night although Janis had a run in with Roberto when she tried to film us. There are men here who do not want their wives to know that they are out dancing, it is the porteno way.

We returned by bus, Janis directing us to the right stop, unable to understand why we would want to walk. Fly,drive, take a bus, it’s the american way, we English are all crazy wanting to walk still now we have another option next time it rains.

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