B&Q Argentine style

I come halfway around the world and I end up in B&Q, OK it is not actually B&Q it is a large store they call Easy. It is much like our Do It Yourself stores but with a bit more attitude. Every thing you could get at home is here but also they have hot water tanks and even thirty mill steam pipe what you can’t get here isn’t worth having. Except, just like B&Q when I wanted a three metre curtain pole it caused no end of headaches, now these are only available in 3/4″, why 3/4″ why not metric? Three metres of three-quarter inch pole, very nineteen seventies UK. They had 5/8″ supports 1″ finials wooden poles in metric sizes and complete poles without finials in 7/8″. We stood around for half an hour not able to find anything we wanted, no 3/4″ supports nor finials, so in the end gave up and decided to go back and take some more measurements. Viv said “Typical Argentina” but I pointed out it is typical DIY store, we have had exactly the same problems in B&Q UK.

Our kitchen has a ledge that really needs tiling so we went to find some tiles, this time with more success, although typically one pack was half a tile short of enough, we had to buy a whole pack for the extra half tile. The next problem was to find adhesive, nothing here of course that said adhesive or even adheviso, there was something called mortero with the tiles so I assumed that this was what I wanted and bought it anyway.

The tiles were mosaics held together with mesh and I had my doubts as I tried to stick them in place, well it is not perfect but Viv seems happy with it and at least the cups do not fall over. So when we have cleaned up it will be back to Easy for another try at the curtain pole, this is turning into a real DIY holiday.

Phillippe had visited in the morning, telling me he could borrow a drill, so this spurred us on to replace the curtain pole, but just like the lights so long ago, we set out for one thing and came back with another. He took us onto the roof to show us that they had repaired the Jacuzzi, while there I asked why do we have a lock on the roof door, he said in case anyone got onto the roof they could get into the building. So in utter astonishment I patrolled the perimeter, fifty yards away is a tall block of flats, I suppose spider man could get over. There may be a person in the world who can scale a twenty odd metre sheer concrete building, but personally I think it is paranoia in extremis.

We had intended to go to El Arranque today, but with all the DIY it got too late, so we had a nap and took the subte down to Porteno y Bailarin instead. I am not sure why, but this is not one of my favourites. I no longer find the small floor intimidating and they are friendly enough, maybe it is the one or two posuers that get in here or the way the tables are cluttered together, probably though it is just personal preference. Anyway it is not a bad venue and it has the back floor for beginners to practice on. Maybe that is the main problem; Viv wants to hide away round the back and I like to navigate around the clusters of dancers. They say opposites attract and we still disagree on just about everything.

We still managed three hours of dancing, and saw a lot of the same faces that we have been seeing all week. I would not want to put anyone off this place, I guess with so many places to choose, I am starting to get fussy. Anyway it was nice to just nod “hello” and be recognised.

When we had danced ourselves out, I addopted my usual taxi stratagy again, and we arrived back home with little fuss.


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