Easter Weekend

You may wonder what a weekend spent with a crowd of Ballroom and sequence dancers has to do with tango, and on the face of it you would be right.

Go to any Club de Barrio in Buenos Aires and it will be populated with people who can remember the war, people who having had a full and long working life are not ready to just sit down and put their feet up. My generation and often those much younger is full of people who are just too tired for life, want nothing more than to sit and be entertained by the TV.

So when I had the chance to spend a weekend with people who possess more life force and energy than your average ninja turtle, of course I jumped at it. The whole weekend at The Queens Hotel Llandudno was organised by Steve Sound and we were glad to help out. It gave Viv a further opportunity to sell some more shoes and me a chance to hone my DJ skills.

Of course there are those who say this is not proper dancing, but when I first started it was all I could get without travelling halfway across the globe.  I am not making excuses here, I still enjoy it, just as in the tango scene there are women who will wait all night just for one dance. They are grateful and always when I dance with them they make me feel king of the hill. My dance journey has taken me on many routes and I do not regret a single one of them and refuse to accept that anyone who bothers to get out and take life by the horns instead of sitting at home having entertainment done to them is doing something that is not quite the real thing.

So as we arrived in The Queens Hotel and tried to settle in Viv spoke to one of our ladies about her shoes. Unknown to us there was to be that afternoon a Tea dance downstairs and the lady who runs it was sitting listening in, she came over and invited us to display in her dance. Not wishing to miss a selling opportunity Viv willingly agreed.

During the ongoing dance she only sold one pair of shoes but made some valuable contacts for again. The thing that struck me most of all though was that here we were in a pure sequence dance, where they learn anything from one new dance to three every week. OK this would never do for me, I have to work for a living, but I heard time and again the words “they don’t do proper dancing” Where will it end? Ballroom dancers say “sequence dancers do not dance properly” sequence dancers say “social dancers do not dance properly” tango dancers say, well you get the idea. Are we not all out just to enjoy ourselves and I say “make it too exclusive and you will kill it”

Despite the scowl, I am enjoying this

So I have just had a weekend of improper dancing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Right now I am quite knackered, we were up until well after midnight every night putting the gear away, then up at eight for breakfast. No time to rest preparing the afternoon dance and it’s too fuzzy to remember what else, but hey it was fun, and if you can see how close this is to what goes on in the city of tango, accept it and go with the flow then you can come along and enjoy the ride with me.

Hopefully we will be in Wilmslow this Thursday as Andreas and Genoveva will be teaching there, I have not seen them since Salon Canning when their class was disturbed by my phone and problems buying my apartment. I am sure they will be as keen to hear how things went as we will be to hear about their twins.

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