Get out there and Dance

After A Hectic Weekend I was of course straight into a week of work, never one to let that stop me, I followed a twelve hour day on Monday with Tango with Sharon and Tuesday was followed by Salsa with Clan Cuban.

After this of course I was into nights and there can be no social life when you work nights, well maybe the odd Tea dance, though those rarely fit into my schedule.

I start to wonder at this point why so many people cry off, saying “I have had a busy day”. I am not trying to set myself up as anything special here, but is the dancing not supposed to be fun?. Do we carry on because we need to learn something? Is it drudgery, something we must do? When you get to the end of a long day, when you have worked hard and just want to relax, there should be something there for you to look forward to.

For me dancing satisfies this need. The Salsa, which I still find difficult, can cause me some stress when I am tired, but I know that dancing, any form of dancing, will make me feel better than slouching in front of the tele .

When you get to the stage we are at with Tango, it becomes like walking along in the park. There is no need to think you can relax in a very gentle exercise, to great music and best of all with a beautiful woman in your arms.

I know that for most people in this area, they are not yet at that stage or anywhere near, but believe me, it will come, and you will look back with regret at those nights you spent with the tele and think “I could have been here so much sooner”

I still spend my work days like a zombie, but then I work to live, not the other way around. If I had to give up dancing to carry on working, then I would be looking for another job.

So another week has passed and Friday was spent for the most part in bed after nights, and there being nothing on anywhere, I was up only a short while before going back again. With the aid of some alcohol I managed to catch up with most of the sleep I had lost.

I am not like the great politicians of our time, I cannot survive on four hours sleep a night, I need to catch up. I catnap a lot, if I come home from work and have a spare hour I will sleep for an hour, shower then head out. Often not in the best shape, but you only get one life, make the most of it, get out there and dance.

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