Just because you can

Often we see people trying to do show tango at a milonga, I have often been known to have a good rant about it. Now some may say that I am anti and that I only have time for salon. In some ways this may be true, but I am happy to watch good show tango, if it is well led and in the appropriate place.

On Saturday night the Finches ventured out once more to Wilmslow to meet old friends as well as the Shrewsbury rent a mob. (yes I know, but I am sticking with the name). The milonga was in full swing when we arrived and the crew were holding the line of dance manfully. Once the greetings were over it was time to dance. I had already lost Viv but in my attempts to find her I just kept getting involved with more and more “how you doings?” and “are you still dancings?” I did get that dance and was soon whisking as many women as I could off to the floor.

The nuevos and high kickers had not yet arrived or were not brave enough to invade the line of dance.

We had a guest singer from Buenos Aires, to my shame I cannot remember his name, and by the time we left I had completely forgotten to pick up one of his CD’s. His singing was great and the guitar playing was truly awesome. Atilla told us he had been playing for fifty years (must have been born with a guitar in his hands). On thing I need to make clear here is, I said “his music was challenging” this was in no way saying that anything was wrong with it, tango cancion by it’s very nature is intended to be sung and to listened to, as such it is difficult to dance to. At one time I would not have even tried, but now if I enjoy the music I find it is worth the effort. In the middle of one of his sessions he did a Chacarera, I stood in the middle of the floor looking for someone anyone; thankfully I was joined by one lady who I did not know (thanks) and another couple. We did one set but got lost towards the end, everyone was relying on me (big mistake), still we enjoyed it and the audience seemed to appreciate it. So it could not have been too bad, I will have to practice more with Janis next time I am in Buenos Aires.

Ricardo and Jenny are here for a full weekend of workshops, of course this coincides with my work pattern so that the only time I could be here is for the Saturday night milonga. I don’t think either of them remembered us, funny when you think that they came over and greeted us in Salon Canning two years ago. They must meet thousands of people so I will not hold it against them (me, worst person in the world for remembering people). They had just married and now two years later they still looked happy together.

When they danced in the salon they moved beautifully but understated, even when Ricardo danced with some of our high kickers they were kept in check.

In the middle of the evening they did a demo, now was a chance to let it all fly out, high kicks, ganchos, volcadas all came into the frame. Now of course they danced Show Tango, this was the right place for it, and they proved that just because they can do it does not mean they should, like the good dancers that they are, they saved it for were it is best appreciated.

In the salon they could just as easily do big stuff, after all they were the guests of honour, nobody would say a thing, but they did not, they know the etiquette, they know how to behave. It is just a shame that some others do not. Later in the night the Nuevo lot gradually got more confident, the line of dance broke down and I got my share of kicks. Some people can go to the best teachers, see, but never learn.

Unknown to me Viv had had enough and was ready to go, but I just kept on dancing. So when I noticed her with her coat and shoes on, I had to make a hasty departure, so I left without buying a CD and without saying goodbye to Atilla. It was a shame after such a good night that I never thanked her, hopefully so many others did that she did not miss me.



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2 responses to “Just because you can

  1. tangobob

    Ah! my zapeteo is OK, its my dentro, I never know when to come in. That is why I have to watch others, no good when everyone thinks that I know what I am doing.

  2. jantango


    Last night was a rare night that I didn’t dance Chacarera in Lo de Celia. Instead I filmed everyone dancing and uploaded it to YouTube. You had better be practicing your zapateo!

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