Returning to the tango theme, we are able to attend more and more venues these days. So it was we got to Shrewsbury again this week. There was a new beginners’ class starting this week, and the new intake are looking promising. Quite often there is a weakness about the bodies that takes some time to improve, but for some reason there was none of that here. I was very impressed with the standard and have an expectation that many will stick the course.

For the improvers we had a balance of men and women that meant for once that Viv had to stand out. I suggested she went to the practice room to help out with the beginners, but Sharon wanted her for demonstrating. She seemed happy enough standing at the back and having been there often myself I can understand. All these classes are merging into one with me, and for the life of me I cannot remember what we did. Sharon keeps it very interesting of course, but these days it is the new people I remember more. I enjoy the experience of dancing with different people, helping where I can, and just being part of the scene. Trouble is, I suppose, this means I learn nothing new and just go on doing what I have always done. I am perhaps being unfair on myself, stuff sticks in there, I just only remember it while I am dancing, and I’ll come back to that later.

After the class we are rejoined by the beginners, and I am surprised how many have stayed. Usually they all go home, bored with their few steps, and tired from the strain of learning them, but this lot are different, many stayed for the opportunity to practice. I got told off a couple of times by Sharon, I like to test their limits, and I suppose I went too far. Of course I did, but I was surprised how far I could take them. I moved back to simply walking and side steps very pleased at how well this was going.

 Back at The Coracle I brought this up in conversation, and everyone agreed that this was an exceptional intake. I am really looking forward to next week’s class to see if I can push them even further.

We had another milonga in Pant this week as well, I am blessed at the moment with plenty of tango. So in order to take full advantage we arrived in good time, also we needed to find a parking space where I could be sure to get out before everyone else. The first dance is of course reserved for Viv, we spin around the floor for three dances then she gets bored with me, and sends me off to dance with the other women, while she seeks out willing men

As I dance around the room I notice Viv getting agitated. She does not like bright lights when she is dancing, and the lighting here consists of one large spot aimed down the room. She thinks she has a solution and grabs a chair to stand on in order to adjust the light; of course I am co-opted to assist her. Just when she thinks it is to her satisfaction Sharon comes on the scene, and of course it is her milonga and she wants the light her way, call me a coward if you want, but when two women are at odds, this is no place for a man. It was all resolved amicably, but all goes to show, that the argument about whether we dance in the spotlight or in subdued lighting will go on and on.

As I said earlier, things come back to me when I am dancing that we have done in classes past, and this happened again tonight. We did many things with Korey, most of which just merged into the mass that collects somewhere in the back of my brain, but as I danced away things just came back and I would give a little grin as I tried a new turn here or secada or even the odd volcada that was not previously in my repertoire. Some women wonder why I smile, some even think that I am laughing at them, I try to make them understand, we do this for the joy it brings, just enjoy.

Talking of enjoyment, my love for milonga is not diminished by dancing with beginners, I had some great fun, with women who had never milongered before, little baby steps and moving down the room just by transferring weight, proved popular and easy to follow, I sometimes did not know whether I was leading an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, but I left them laughing just the same. I was loving it but all things must end, up early next day we had to go, still we will be there on Monday.

 I am looking forward to meeting the new Chester intake. Watch out for the next post.

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  1. Letting two woman at it is a smart move! It’s good that you laugh when you enjoy something and when you mess it up.

    I know some men that anger themselves and their partners because of their expectations of how movements should be executed.

    Life’s too short, eh?

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